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Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salt (Calcium petroleum sulfonate)

Calcium Petroleum Sulfonates; Sulfonic Acids, Petroleum, Calcium Salts; 61789-86-4

corrosion inhibitor supplier Ataman Chemicals:Sulfonates are used as additives for metal working fluids and engine oils. They provide special functions such as surfactant and rust-prevention functions.

Calcium petroleum sulfonate; Calcium petroleum sulfonates; EC 263-093-9; EINECS 263-093-9; Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts; Sulfonic acid, petroleum, calcium salt; Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts; Superlist Names Petroleum sulfonic acids, calcium salts; Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts;;Calcium petroleum sulfonate;Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts

Chemical Name:Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Synonyms: calcium petrolem sulfonate;calcium petrolem sulfonate;CALCIUM PETROLEUM SULPHONATE; Petroleum calcium sulfonate; sulfonic acid, petroleum, calcium salt; Petroleum sulfonic acids calcium salts; Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts; Overbased Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate TBN400, TBN300; Dispersant T102

Rust Preventing Oil; Lubricating oil; Refrigerator oil ; Antiwear hydraulic oil ;Gear oil ;Industrial gear oil; Antirust lubricating oil; DISPERSING AGENTS; Epoxy coating of terrace RESIN; Antirust emulsified oil; Dehydration antirust oil; Printing ink ;Plastic cement paint; Rust-proof cleaning agent NA; Antirust agent

Antirust oil;Rust preventing oil

Calcium petroleum sulfonate uses and applications include: Detergent, rust inhibitor; lubricating oil additive; emulsifier

CLASS: Specialty Chemicals 

FUNCTIONS: Emulsifier,  Rust Inhibitor,  Additive 

Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Agent Name: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
CAS Number: 61789-86-4
Synonyms: Calcium petroleum sulfonate; Calcium petroleum sulfonates; Sulfonic acid, petroleum, calcium salt; Petroleum sulfonic acids, calcium salts; (Neutral) Calcium Sulfonate; Additin RC 4220; Calcium long chain alkaryl sulphonate; OLOA 4246A; XDE25/A; [IUCLID]
Category: Petroleum Oils
Description: Dark viscous liquid with an odor of petroleum
Sources/Uses: Used in the lubricant and fuel industries; [IUCLID] Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Produced in highly refined lubricating base oil and are never isolated; Used as additives in petroleum base stocks (sold to oil blenders where they are further processed to finished oil blends); [EPA ChAMP] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used in corrosion inhibiting fluids; [Redox Chemicals MSDS]

Manufactured solely in the presence of lubricating type oils, and has not been isolated for measurement of physical properties; Equivocal results in human skin sensitization patch test studies; No adverse health effects known to be caused by this type of material, which has been in use for over fifty years with high occupational exposure in laboratory and manufacturing personnel; [IUCLID] Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Members of the group and supporting compounds demonstrated low acute oral toxicity in animal studies; [EPA ChAMP] May cause mild skin and severe eye irritation; High vapor concentrations may cause respiratory tract irritation and headache; 

ATAMAN CHEMICALS is a Overbased Calcium Sulfonate supplier. ATAMAN  supplies Overbased Calcium Sulfonate to various industries for a variety of applications and uses. ATAMAN  is an importer of Overbased Calcium Sulfonate to numerous countries around the world. Manufacturers rely on ATAMAN  for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply of Overbased Calcium Sulfonate. ATAMAN  works with competitive and reliable manufacturers of Overbased Calcium Sulfonate to provide supply chain solutions for our customers.

ATAMAN CHEMICALS supplies Overbased Calcium Sulfonate in Overbased Calcium Sulfonate 300 TBN, Overbased Calcium Sulfonate 400 TBN, Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Tech grade(s). ATAMAN  supplies Overbased Calcium Sulfonate to users/customers for Lubricant & Grease.

Ataman’s sodium sulfonates provide excellent emulsion quality and corrosion resistance in customer formulations. While the lower molecular weight sulfonates provide excellent emulsion performance,the higher molecular weight sulfonates provide unsurpassed rust prevention. Depending on the application, the balance of these two properties is critical for maximum performance

Key Applications
Petroleum additives; Detergents, Anti-wear; Dispersants; VI Improver; Corrosion Inhibitors; Emulsifiers; Extreme Pressure; Friction Modifier; Antifoam

Product Description
These neutralized, first-intent, water and oil soluble synthetic calcium sulfonates are used in dispersant, emulsification, metal working, corrosion prevention, lube oil additive, agriculture, ore floatation, enhanced oil recovery, and industrial cleaning applications.

As a dispersant & corrosion inhibitor in engine oils.
Used in rust preventive formulations, coatings & greases
Disperses carbon formed in diesel engines


Imparts excellent rust prevention, detergency and Anti oxidant Properties.
Corrosion inhibitor in mill oils, short-term rust preventatives, coatings and greases
Dispersant and corrosion inhibitor in engine oil.
Provides excellent resistance to coated Cold Rolled Steel for antirust applications.
Works in extremely hostile conditions like highly acidic environment as well as highly humid atmosphere.
It is non-staining having detergent, dispersant properties.
Environmental Friendly, Biodegradable without side effect.

Ataman Chemicals supplies normal as well as high TBN (high total base number -Calcium Petroleum sulphonate. 
Calcium Petroleum sulphonates are are used in following applications:

Calcium sulfonate greases are generally beneficial for rust performance, with oxidation stability considered good or excellent.
calcite particles, inherent in calcium sulfonate greases, make them a good choice for high-temperature applications. 
Ataman’s  Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate is good choice for grease manufacturers as our Sulfonates are available customized specifications and at attractive price.
Calcium Sulfonate Greases are used in automotive, agricultural, construction, food, industry, mining, paper manufacturing and steel mills.

Ataman Kimya’s Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate find its use in manufacturing best quality detergent which can be used to prevent sludge deposits.

Rust Preventives & Corrosion Inhibitor
High Base number as well as normal Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate of ATAMAN CHEMICALS is well accepted performance chemicals to manufacture rust preventives, inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors oils and lubricants.

Emulsifier formulation with corrosion inhibition are best blended with our range of petroleum sulfonates.

Oil Additives
Calcium Petroleum Sulfonates are used in Engine Oil, MetalWorking, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Industrial and Automotive Gear Oil additives and Lubricants. Ataman’s petroleum sulfonates are used for high temperature applications industrial oils and lubricants blending.

Regulatory process names: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
EC Inventory: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Pre-Registration process
CAS names: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Other IUPAC names
Calcium petroleum sulfonate
Petroleum mixture of C10 to 40 saturated linear and branched alkylaryl derivatised benzenesulfonic acid calcium salts.
Petroleum mixture of C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan cyclohexanbenzene sulfonic acid and C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan phenobenzene sulfonic acid calcium salts
sulfonic acid, petroleum, calcium salts
sulfonic acids, petroleum calcium salt
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, calcium salts, overbased

Sulfonates are derived from petroleum fractions, from lignin, and from fatty oils.
These materials are mixtures of indeterminate or variable composition, probably comprising one or more of the main chemical types of sulfonates together with sulfates and other sulfur compounds, and are made largely by empirical procedures.
Sulfonates are used as additive agents for metal working oil and engine oil. In this usage, sulfonates provide special functions such as surfactant functions and rust prevention.
Sulfonation may be defined as any chemical process by which the sulfonic acid group (SO2OH) or the corresponding salt or sulfonyl halide group (e.g. –SO2CI) is introduced into an organic compound
Natural petroleum sulfonates are defined as those manufactured by sulfonation of crude oil, crude distillates, or any portion of these distillates in which hydrocarbons present are not substantially different from their state in the original crude oil.
These natural materials, then, are quite different from synthetic sulfonates, which are derived most commonly from sulfonation of olefinic polymers or alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons.
Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate is Calcium salt of Sulphonic Acid made by processing Heavy Alkaline Benzene of suitable fraction with Sulphuric Acid or Sulphur Trioxide and refining by liquid extraction by using suitable alcoholic solvent and precipitating insoluble salts by control of PH and centrifuging.
Meta petroleum sulfonates are widely used in the manufacture of lubricating oil additives and greases. Recently a process has been developed for the manufacture of superior metal petroleum sulfonates, particularly calcium petroleum sulfonates, by the sulfonation of a highly viscous, highly refined parafiinic oil fraction having a viscosity of at least about 200 to 230 SUS at 210 F. and having a viscosity index of about 85 to 100 or higher.
Petroleum sulfonate is mainly obtained by treating high-boiling petroleum fractions in a stirred tank reactor (STR) or in a falling-film reactor (FFR).  Synthesis of Petroleum Sulfonate Surfactant with Ultra-Low Interfacial Tension in Rotating Packed Bed Reactor.

Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate
Production of Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate
Chloride free Calcium sulfonate
Process for Overbased Calcium sulfonate
Filtration of petroleum sulfonate product
Production of Petroleum Sulfonates
Process for preparation of Improved Lubricating Compositions
Metal Petroleum Sulfonates
Overbased Petoleum Sulfonate
Apparatus for producing Overbased petroleum sulfonate

• Metalcorrosion o os o preventive reventives perform the important function unction of protecting metal parts by forming a protective rotective layer on the surface of the component.
• Selection Selection of the correct metalcorrosion preventive is a complex process based on application, pplication, the needs of the end-user and subsequent bsequent process processing steps.
• Future trends influencing the use of metalcorrosion preventives are the increased use of non-ferrou non-ferrous metals,environment environmental issues, worldwi worldwide regulations and the reduced storage timefor metal parts inventory

Petroleum Sulphonates 
ATAMAN offers clients an effective range of Petroleum Sulphonates – Barium Petroelum sulphonate,calcium petroleum sulphonates as well as Magnesium petroleum sulphonate.
These petroleum sulphonates are safe to use and processed as per the prevailing lubricant industry standards. 
Acknowledged for precise pH value, petroleum sulphonates are available in various grades to suit diverse requirements of lubricant manufacturing and oil industries.

Quality of Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate
Gravity, at 15.6 °C 1.02
Viscosity at 100°C, CST 190
Basicity Basic
Flash Point °C(COC) 205
Barium Petroleum Sulphonate
Components of barium petroleum sulphonate include:
Napthanic Oil 0.5-25%
Paraffinic oil 0.5-25%
Solvents (Kerosene, Toluene and MTO) 0.5-25%
Application Area of Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate and Barium Petroleum Sulphonate:
Corrosion inhibitor in mill oils
Rust preventatives, coatings and greases
Used as wetting agent, dispersant and corrosion inhibitor in engine oil
Utilized for formulating greases, slushing oils, hydraulic fluids other industry products
Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate
ATAMAN also manufacture and export Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate that is accurate in composition and competitive in price. Our range is appreciated by clients for accurate composition and precise pH value. We process our range in hygienic conditions to ensure excellent quality, purity and stability under different climatic conditions.

Range of Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate
Customized calcium petroleum sulphonate available on request.

Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate
ATAMAN also manufacture and export Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate that is accurate in composition and competitive in price. Our range is appreciated by clients for accurate composition and precise pH value. We process our range in hygienic conditions to ensure excellent quality, purity and stability under different climatic conditions.

Range of Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate
Customized magnesium petroleum sulphonate (sulfonate) available on request.

Contact us for your requirement of petroleum sulphonate(sulfonate)

Commercial calcium petroleum sulfonates have found widespread use in lubricating'oil as additives designed to reduce or eliminate these combustion chamber deposits. These sulfonates are desirably prepared by sulfonating'a lubricating oil and neutralizing the resulting sulfonic acids with lime in order to form calcium petroleum sulfonates and stabilize the sulfonic acid mixture with respect to ferrous corrosion. The resulting neutralized mixture, which contains solids such as calcium sulfate dihydrate, is then separated to obtain the calcium petroleum sulfonates, the separation generally being carried out byfiltration of the neutralized mixture.

Sulphonates as rust inhibitors 
Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

ISSN: 0003-5599

Publication date: 1 July 1986 Reprints & Permissions

The rust inhibiting characteristics of barium/calcium petroleum sulphonates, prepared from two indigenously available base stocks of different origin have been determined in concentration ranging from 0.5 to 3.0% W/W in mineral oil as per ASTM D‐1748 method. The products have been characterised as ‘outstanding’, ‘good’ and ‘satisfactory’ on the basis of their performance in the humidity cabinet. It has been observed that Ba/Ca petroleum sulphonates possessing outstanding rust inhibiting characteristics show low oil/water interfacial tension and high water solubilization characteristics as compared to other sulphonates. It has also been observed that the rust inhibiting characteristics are profoundly influenced by the structural parameter of the hydrocarbon portion of the petroleum sulphonates. The larger the alkyl side chain, the better is the rust inhibiting properties.

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