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Sodium Sulphonate ( Sodium Sulfonate )

Sodium petroleum sulfonates are widely used as the primary emulsifiers in formulating emulsifiable lubricating compositions used for cutting fluid, hydraulic fluids, metalworking lubricants, and the like.

Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate 

Synonyms: oil soluble petroleum sulfonates, sodium salts; petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts; sodium petroleum sulfonate; sulfonated petroleum, sodium salt; sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts

Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts; Agent Name: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts; CAS Number: 68608-26-4

Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
Synonyms: SodiuM petrol;Sodium petrol T702;SODIUM PETROLEUM SULFONIC ACIDS;Sodium Petroleum sulphonate T702;SULPHONICACIDS,PETROLEUM,SODIUMSALTS;Petroleum sulfonic acids sodium salts;Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts;Sulfonsuren, Erdl-, Natriumsalze, mittlere Molmasse 440-470 g/mol;Sulfonsuren, Erdl-, Natriumsalze, mittlere

Display Name:Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
EC Number: 271-781-5
EC Name: Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
CAS Number: 68608-26-4
IUPAC Name: Petroleum, mixture of C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan cyclohexanbenzene sulfonic acid and C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan phenobenzene sulfonic acid sodium salts

It is obtained from sulfonation of base oil, neutralized by Sodium Hydroxide. The Product mainly works as a Surface Active Agent, Emulsification & Dispersion of Liquids, Wetting and Dispersion of Liquid – Solid System, Inhibition of Rust & Corrosion, Dispersion and Wetting of Solids.

It is widely used in the manufacture of Soluble Cutting Oils, Emulsifiers of Soluble Cutting Oils, Rust Preventives, Leather Chemicals, Fat Liquor, Metal Treatment Chemicals, Metal working fluid, Wiredrawing oils, Corrosion inhibitors, Protective coatings, Degreasing agent, Fuel additive, Lube oil additive, Textile Auxiliaries, ore Flotation Chemicals, Inks etc. This product is miscible with Oil and Solvent.

Synonyms: Mineral oil sulfonic acids, sodium salts; Oil soluble petroleum sulfonate, sodium salt; Oil soluble petroleum sulfonates, sodium salts; Petroleum sulfonic acid, monosodium salt; Petroleum sulfonic acid, sodium salt; Petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts; Petroleumsulfonate, sodium salt; Sulfonated petroleum soap; Sulfonated petroleum, sodium salt; Sodium petroleum sulfonate; [ChemIDplus]
Category: Petroleum Refining Residues
Description: Brown viscous liquid with a mild petroleum odor; [AIC MSDS]
Sources/Uses: Used in the basic chemicals industry and for extraction, refining, and processing of metals; [IUCLID] Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Produced in highly refined lubricating base oil and are never isolated; Used as additives in petroleum base stocks (sold to oil blenders where they are further processed to finished oil blends); [EPA ChAMP] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [EPA] Used as surfactants and rust inhibitors in metalworking fluids, motor oils, fuel additives, and anti-corrosion compounds; [REPROTOX]
Comments : Petroleum additive alkaryl sulfonates: Members of the group and supporting compounds demonstrated low acute oral toxicity in animal studies; Cause decreased body weights, histopathological changes (testes and liver) and alterations in hematology in 28-day dermal studies of rabbits; [EPA ChAMP] A severe skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritant; [ICSC] A mild to moderate skin and eye irritant; [AIC MSDS]

Petroleum sulfonate, along with white oil, is traditionally produced commercially from the treatment of raffinate with fuming sulfuric acid. It has been used in metal working applications.

We facilitate our clients with Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate, which is obtained from sulfonation of specialty imported base oils that are neutralized by sodium hydroxide. 
Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate is accurate in composition and miscible in oils and solvents. Reckoned for high shelf life, this additive is stable under different climatic conditions and works as a surface active agent.


Soluble cutting oils
Emulsifiers of soluble cutting oils
Rust preventives,
Leather chemicals
Fat liquor
Metal treatment chemicals
Textile auxiliaries

Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate
ATAMAN CHEMICALS are is exporter Sodium Petroleum sulphonates. Apart from Sodium Petroleum sulphonates, our lubricant additives and components range also comprises of other petroleum sulphonates, Petroleum Sulfonates, Calcium, Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate, Barium Petroleum sulphonates, TBN booster, engine oil additives, hydraulic Oil additives, gear oil additives, antiwear agents, dispersant, detergents, antioxidants, extreme pressure additives and full range of lubricant additives for lube oil blending and lubricant oil blending processes.

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s sodium sulphonates are safe to use and are processed as per the prevailing industry standards. Acknowledged for precise pH value, Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate is available in various grades to suit diverse requirements of clients for lube oil blending processes.

Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate of ATAMAN CHEMICALS is used in varied concentrations of 10% to 22% by weight in selected industrial and metalworking applications. Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate (SLS)is effective and also utilized as dry printing ink, cleaning solvents & oil well drilling fluids.

Application Area of ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonates:
Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Metal working Fluids
Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Anti-Corrosion Compounds
High molecular weight sodium petroleum sulphonates provide excellent moisture barriers and adhere to metal surfaces. 
High Molecular weight SPS can be compounded with petroleum oils, waxes, petroleum and various synthetic materials and the finished products find applications as preservative oils and automotive rust proofing formulations. 
High Molecular weight Sodium Sulphonate forms thin film when dissolved to a wide range of solvents. It acts as adhesive holding oil to metal on solid surface. 
It binds oil to metal chemically, preventing water and air from reaching the surface of the metal. 

Quality Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate from ATAMAN CHEMICALS for rust preventive oils and lubricants

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Ore Flotation
Sodium Petroleum sulphonate serves as flotation agents for various metals and minerals. Sodium Petroleum sulphonates ability to wet the surface of particles rendering the ore hydrophobic. 
This allows an ore adhered to air bubbles and moved to the surface in the froth. 
Sodium Sulphonate binds the ore particles to air bubbles in froth and thus allow them to rise and separate from rock. 

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for De-emulsifiers
SPS acts as de-emulsifier. A bulky structure prevents them from forming a continuous protective film around a droplet. It allows two droplets to contact one another, forming a large droplet which separates from solutions. 

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Motor Oil and Fuel Additives:
For this application, sodium sulphonates are often converted to calcium or barium salts; though in some situations the sodium sulphonates may be preferred. When it is used as additives, detergency and rust inhibitive properties are the most important functions of SPS

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Overbasing
It is a process of beefing up a sulphonate molecule with extra atoms including calcium and magnesium to seek out and neutralize excess acids in a mixture. Over basing is typically used in motor oil additives. 

ATAMAN CHEMICALS’s Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate for Garment Industry
SPS is also used in garment industry for leather processing.

ATAMAN’s sodium sulfonates are made from natural petroleum oil feedstocks. As a result, the distribution of molecular weights of our products is very broad, while the distribution of molecular weights of typical synthetic sodium sulfonates is narrow. 
The broad distribution of molecular weights of the ATAMAN sodium sulfonates enhances the ability of the sulfonates to interact with the oil and provides excellent emulsification compared to a synthetic sodium sulfonate of the same molecular weight. 
ATAMAN’s sodium sulfonates possess a structure which is composed of a poly-alkylated aromatic ring system, where the alkylates are primarily branched and short-chained. The typical synthetic sodium sulfonates are mono-alkylated aromatic ring systems where the alkylates are linear and long-chained. 
The presence of these short-chained and branched alkyl aromatic groups in ATAMAN sodium sulfonates improves their compatibility with the base oil. The resulting benefits are enhanced emulsion and rust prevention characteristics.

ATAMAN’s sodium sulfonates provide excellent emulsion quality and corrosion resistance. The low molecular weight sulfonates provide excellent emulsion performance, while the high molecular weight sulfonates provide an unsurpassed rust preventive coating. 
Depending on the application, the balance of these two properties is critical for performance in any market. In the oilfield, drilling and mining markets, which are less concerned with rust prevention, the strong emulsifier SPS is preferred. 
In the industrial oils market, where rust prevention is a large concern, the corrosion prevention of the SPS-I and SPS-II are commonly specified in rust preventive oil. 
In the metalworking industry, a balance of both the emulsion and corrosion performances is critical to a successful formulation. 
Here the market prefers the balanced emulsion and corrosion resistance of SPS

The average molecular weight distribution, emulsion stability of oil—water emulsion, the chemical structure of the hydrocarbon portions of petroleum sulphonates, and surface active properties have been determined with a view to establishing a correlation between the chemical structure of petroleum sulphonates and their emulsion stability characteristics.
It has been found that the emulsion stability of oil—water emulsions imparted by sodium petroleum sulphonates depends on: (i) average molecular weight of sodium petroleum sulphonates; (ii) their molecular weight distribution; (iii) oil—water interfacial tension; (iv) hydrophile—lipophile balance values. 
The structural parameters which predominantly effect the emulsion stability are the ratio of the percentage distribution of carbon atoms in paraffin side chains to the percentage distribution of carbon atoms, the aromatic rings (CP/CA), the relative proportions of long chain mono‐aromatics and the orientation of the sulphonate group relative to the paraffin alkyl chains in the molecules.

Substance names and other identifiers
Regulatory process names
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
Pre-Registration process
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts

IUPAC names
Petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts
Petroleum, mixture of C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan cyclohexanbenzene sulfonic acid and C10 to 47 saturated linear alkaryl derivatised cyclopentan phenobenzene sulfonic acid sodium salts
Sodium petroleum sulphonate
sodium petroleum sulphonate
Sulfonic acid, petroleum, sodium salts
sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salt
Sulfonic Acids, Petroleum, Sodium Salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, Sodium salts
Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium salts

Trade names
Registration dossier
Other identifiers: 61789-62-6
Deleted CAS number: 68308-37-2
Deleted CAS number: 68334-39-4
Deleted CAS number: 68440-99-3
Deleted CAS number: 68608-26-4
CAS number: 68918-05-8

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