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Polyglycol 200, Polyglycol 300, Polyglycol 400, Polyglycol 600, Polyglycol 1500, Polyglycol 4000, Polyglycol 8000 are types.
Molecular weight range is in the range of 200 to 6,000. Properties and uses, will vary depending on the molecular weight. Clear, colorless, odorless, viscous liquid. Water, alcohol and many can be mixed with organic solvents and also soluble in specific proportions. Many chemical field is inert. It would not degrade or hydrolyze the low vapor pressure. Fields of use will vary according to the molecular weight. Certain areas; plasticizer, and softening the health sector and kozmatik ointments, creams and so on. In preparation, paint, paper coatings, machinery and mold oils, solvents and binders; the allowable amount is used in the food industry.
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