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CAS Number 9046-10-0


polyetheramines; POLYETHERAMINES; POLİ ETER AMİN; POLİETERDİAMİN; TRIOL; POLYOLETHER; polyether amines; jeffamine; polythioether; d2000 polyether; D2000 POLİETERAMİN; opolyepoxide; polyetherdiamine; polyetherpolyol; polyesterpolyol; triol; polycarbodiimide; polyetherdiamines; Polypropylene glycol bis(2-aminopropyl ether); polyetheramine; Polyetheramines; 2-(aminooxy)propan-1-amine; Polyetheramin; Polyether polyamine; Amino terminated polyether; ATPE; PEA; Diaminopolypropylene Glycol; Poly(propylene glycol) bis(2-aminopropyl ether); JEFFAMINE® D-2000 Polyoxypropylenediamine



JEFFAMINE® D-2000 Polyoxypropylenediamine Datasheet
New Secondary Amine Chain Extenders for Aliphatic Polyurea Materials
Physical Properties of Aromatic Polyurea Elastomer Coatings After Exposure to Extreme Conditions
The Influence of Isomer Composition and Functionality on the Final Properties of Aromatic Polyurea Spray Coatings
Tuning the Properties of Polyurea Elastomer Systems via Raw Material Selection and Processing Parameter Modulation
Adhesion Properties of Epoxy Formulations Containing JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramine Curing Agents
Huntsman Performance Products makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below:
JEFFAMINE® D-2000 Polyoxypropylenediamine is an amine-terminated polyoxypropylene diol that has wide use in epoxy and polyurea systems.
Huntsman Performance Products is a leading producer of additives for aqueous pigments and coatings. These include amines, such as ethyleneamines and polyetheramines, alkylene carbonates, and a broad spectrum of surfactants and surfactant intermediates. Product applications include dispersants for coatings, amine neutralizers for latex paints, wetting agents, and emulsifiers for polymer dispersion.
JEFFAMINE D-2000 polieteramin ortalama 2000 moleküler ağırlığa sahip , çift fonkisyonlu birincil amindir. Birincil amin grupları, alifatik polieter zincirinin sonundaki ikincil karbon atomlarında yerleşiklerdir. JEFFAMINE D-2000 poliürea ve RIM formülasyonlarının temelinde bulunur. Epoksi sistemlerinde eseklik arttırmak için kullanılabilir.
• Hafif puslu açık sarı
Kimyasal Adı
• Polieteramin
• Molekül ağırlığı yaklaşık 2000 olan 2 fonksiyonlu primer amin. Düşük viskozite ve buhar basıncına sahip. Soyulma dayanımını artırır. Malzemenin esneklik özelliklerini geliştirir.
Kullanım Alanları
• Poliürea sentezinde ve RIM (reaksiyon enjeksiyon kalıplama yöntemi)'nde kullanılan temel maddelerdendir. Epoksi sistemlerinde ise yardımcı reaktant olarak kullanılır.
( Cas No: 9046-10-0)
Ürün Adı: JEFFAMINE® D-2000
Ürün Grubu: Amin ve KatalistlerTeknik Özellikler
Toplam Amine, meq/g 0.98 - 1.05 Max
Ahew, g/eq 514
Renk, Pt-Co 25 Max
Su, wt. % 0.25 Max
Dansite g/ml (lb/gal), 25°C 0.991(8.26)
Parlama Noktası, PMCC, °C (°F) 185 (365)
pH 10.5
Viskosite, cSt, 25°C (77°F) 248Huntsman Jeffamine D-2000
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Huntsman Jeffamine D-2000 is a 2000 MW primary aliphatic polyether diamine based on polyoxypropylenediamine. Jeffamine D-2000 is suitable for use in polyurea coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications. 247 cps at 25C. Supplied as a light yellow liquid. AHEW: 515



Jeffamine D2000 is an excellent product. However, it is Tri-iso's opinion that Endamine D2000 represents a better value overall. Endamine D2000 is a direct drop-in replacement for Jeffamine D-2000, and is also a 2000MW primary aliphatic diamine based on polyoxypropylenediamine.effamine® D-2000 Amine
Technical Datasheet | Supplied by Huntsman
Jeffamine® D-2000 Amine by Huntsman is an extremely low vapor pressure difunctional primary amine. Used in epoxy adhesives. Rarely used alone, but rather in conjunction with other curing agents. Jeffamine® D-2000 Amine enhances flexibility, toughness and high peel strength. Listed with TSCA, DSL, EINECS/ELINCS, AICS and ENCS.
Product Type Crosslinking / Curing / Vulcanizing Agents > Amines /Amides
Chemical Composition Polyoxypropylenediamine
Amine-terminated polyether (polyether amine)



  It is a kind of polyalkane epoxy compound terminated by primary Amine group or secondary Amine group, its molecular 
skeleton is polyether and its reactive group is Amine end group. Based on different molecular weights and different numbers 
of functional groups, there can be various kinds of grades ZD-1200, ZD-140, ZD-123, ZT-143 and ZT-1500. Amine-terminated polyether is the key raw material for spray polyurea elastomer,and it can be widely used to protect the materials 
such as waterproof and anticorrosion coatings of building concrete and steel structure; and moreover, it can be also used as
anti-skid and hard-wearing lining for transportation vehicles, anticorrosive coating for cross-sea bridges, protective 
decoration for top grade floors at sterile plants and hospitals as well as the walls of high-grade swimming pools, internal and external protective coatings for land and benthal oil pipelines, wear-resistant coatings for decks and screw 
propellers of ships and boats, antiseptic and rust-proof lining for oil tanks, air tanks and water storage tanks, leakage-proof and antiseptic coatings for temporary parking aprons and activated sludge tanks, leakage-proof, anti-seepage and antiseptic materials for municipal refuse disposal areas, stadiums and runways. In addition of that, it is largely
used for water-proof and protective coatings of high-speed railway bridges.



 Amine-terminated polyether is a kind of curing agent for epoxy resin. It can be used to pour large-scale epoxy
resin components to make the cured resin crystal-clear. It can be also widely used in the fields of epoxy composite 
materials, epoxy coatings,epoxy electrophoretic coatings,binding agents, circuit boards, sealants, artworks, etc. 
Amine-terminated polyether is a kind of curing agent used on the combined blade materials for wind power generation. 
Amine-terminated polyether is an additive for gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil.And meanwhile, it is widely employed in the fields of surface active agents, water-soluble paints and so on. 
ZD-123 Amine-terminated polyether is a kind of polypropylene oxide compound mainly terminated by secondary Amine group.



It structure is shown as follows:
Molecular weight Wn
About 230
Degree of functionality
Total amine value MEQ/g
Rate of primary Amine group %
Color APHA
Moisture %
●Curing agent for epoxy resin; curing agent for ornament glue (hard glue); curing agent for wind blade adhesive; 
●hot-melt adhesive for polyamide; curing agent for electron end-sealing material; 
●curing agent for electron potting compound; curing agent for electron encapsulating material
●fast curing RIM; curing agent for building structure adhesive;
●curing agent for modified polyether amine; 
●curing agent for heavy anti-corrosion coatings; 
●curing agent for composite materials of fishing rods, golf clubs and tennis rackets.
Properties: ● low viscosity, low chromaticity and low vapor pressure.


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