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Cas: 9003-11-6, Genapol PF 80, NONIONIC EMULSIFIER FOR EMULSION POLYMERIZATION. Genapol PF 80  is used as nonionic emulsifier for the emulsion polymerization of monomers like acrylates, styrene-acrylates and vinyl acetate. Genapol PF 80 is a pore-forming dispersant and plasticizer for plasters, mortars and putties based on cement, lime or gypsum



The use of Genapol PF 080 offers the following advantages:


Product properties:


low VOC

free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)

readily biodegradable

hazard label free

FDA approved



Performance in emulsion polymerization:


maintains low viscosity of polymer emulsion at different shear rates

enhanced electrolyte stability

improved shelf life (high freeze thaw stability)

similar polymerization results to APEOs


Product group: EO/PO block copolymer

Active content: 100%

Appearance: white wax

pH value:

Solubility: 1% in water: clear solution

Viscosity: approx. 900 - 1500 mPas 

Melting point: approx. 58 °C

Flash point: > 250 °C

HLB value: approx. 16



Block copolymer of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, containing 80% w/w ethylene oxide

Product properties *)

Molecular weight [g/mol]: approx. 8000

Concentration [%]: approx. 100

Appearance at 20°C: white wax / pellet or powder

Ionicity: nonionic

Viscosity of the molten product at 70°C [mPas]: 900 - 1500

pH value (1% aqueous solution): about 7.0

Solubility at 20°C

1% in water: clear solution

10% in mineral oil: cloudy solution

10% in xylene: cloudy solution

Melting point [°C]: approx. 58°C

Flash point [°C]: > 250°C

Cloud point (1g in 100 ml 10% NaCl solution) [°C]: approx. 70

HLB value: approx. 16



Composition and properties


Polymerization product of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide appearance - white powder

charge - non-ionic

reaction - almost neutral


resistance to water hardness - very good

alkali - good

acids - good

electrolytes - good


Genapol PF 80 (fine powder)

particle size> 500 µm - max ... 20% 

particle size> 800 µm - max. 0.8%


Genapol PF 80 P (powder)

particle size <200 µm - max. 25% 

particle size 200 - 400 µm - 35 - 55% 

particle size 400 - 630 µm - 25 - 45%

particle size> 630 µm - max. fifteen %




0.01-0.05 wt% for dry construction mixture.


Application area


Genapol PF 80 is a pore-forming dispersant and plasticizer for plasters, mortars and putties based on cement, lime or gypsum. Genapol PF 80 improves the processability, softness and surface smoothness of building materials. Dispersion of fine particles of mineral binders and pigments is ensured and the stickiness of plasters and solutions containing methylcellulose on the instrument is reduced.

With Genapol PF 80, lump formation in gypsum plasters is reduced and the processing time is significantly extended. Genapol PF 80 is compatible with all anionic and nonionic surfactants as well as Mecellose methylcelluloses. The formation of air pores with Genapol PF 80 depends on the composition of the respective building mixtures and the time and intensity of mixing.



Genapol PF 80 can be used in combination with othernonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants. Genapol PF 80 is resistant to water hardness, metal salts and to acids and alkalis in the concentrations normally used. Preliminary tests are required.



Genapol PF 80 has a good wetting and dispersing action coupled with a low foaming tendency.

Genapol PF is used as a low-foaming surfactant with very good dispersing action in detergent and cleaning agent powders. These can be produced simply by mixing the powder components.

Genapol PF 80 is also used as a low-foaming emulsifier in emulsion polymerization and as a dispersing agent for pigment pastes and preparations.

Other applications include reactions in the chemicalindustry.



Genapol PF 80 can be stored for at least to 2 years in original sealed containers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.

Genapol PF 80 undergoes no change whatever in product properties when exposed to cold during transport and storage.


Genapol PF 80 is supplied also in the form of very fine beads. It is an appropriate choice for powder-type detergents and cleaners if surfactants cannot be sprayed on in liquid or paste from. It is easy to blend with other powders, and it has the added advantage of preventing dusting.

It can be used to disperse suspended calcium and magnesium salts, and to remove and disperse soil in acid pickling baths. Because it is nonionic, it can be used for cleaning metal electrolytically.

It can also be employed to solubilise essential oils and to emulsify monomers 

CAS No. : 9003-11-6

Synonyms :

2-methyloxirane; oxirane
106392-12-5, 11104-97-5, 1,2-Propyleneglycol, ethoxylated and propoxylated, 2-methyloxirane; oxirane, 53637-25-5, 60407-69-4, 65187-10-2, 69070-95-7, 75-H-1400, 75H90000, 9003-11-6, Adeka 25R1, Adeka 25R2, Adeka L 61, Adeka Pluronic F 108, AIDS162017, AIDS-162017, alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly(oxyethylene)a-poly(oxopropylene)b-poly(oxyethylene)a block copolymer, .alpha.-Hydro-.omega.-hydroxypoly(oxyethylene)poly(oxypropylene)poly(oxyethylene) block copolymer, alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly(oxyethylene)(sub a)-poly(oxopropylene)(sub b)-poly(oxyethylene)(sub a) block copolymer, Antarox 17R4, Antarox 25R2, Antarox B 25, Antarox F 108, Antarox F 68, Antarox F 88, Antarox F 88FL, Antarox L 61, Antarox L 72, Antarox P 104, Antarox P 84, Antarox SC 138, Arcol E 351, Arco Polyol R 2633, B 053, BASF-L 101, Berol TVM 370, Bloat Guard, Block polyethylene-polypropylene glycol, Block polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene, Breox BL 19-10, BSP 5000, C10H22O3, C5H10O2, Cirrasol ALN-WS, component of Casakol, component of Epitrate, Crisvon Assistor SD 14, Crl 1005, CRL 1605, CRL 8131, CRL 8142, D01941, D06502, D 500 (polyglycol), Daltocel F 460, Dehypon KE 3557, Detalan, Eban 710, Emkalyx EP 64, Emkalyx L101, Emkalyx L 101, Empilan P 7068, Emulgen PP 230, Epan 450, Epan 485, Epan 710, Epan 750, Epan 785, Epan U 108, Epon 420, Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol block copolymer, Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol polymer, ethylene oxide; propylene oxide, Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymer dipropylene glycol ether, Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymer ether with ethylene glycol, Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block polymer, ETHYLENE OXIDE, PROPYLENE OXIDE BLOCK POLYMER, Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer, Exocorpol, Exocorpol (TN), F 108, F-108, F 127, F 77, F 87, F 88, Genapol PF 10, Glycols, polyethylenepolypropylene, Glycols, polyethylene-polypropylene, HSDB 7222, Hydrowet, Laprol 1502, LG 56, LS-101081, LS-72949, Lutrol F, Lutrol F (TN), M 90/20, Magcyl, Meroxapol 105, Methyloxirane-oxirane copolymer, Methyloxirane-oxirane polymer, Methyloxirane polymer with oxirane block, Monolan 8000E80, Monolan PB, N 480, Newpol PE-88, Niax 16-46, Niax LG 56, Nissan Pronon 201, Nixolen SL 19, NSC63908, NSC 63908, Oligoether L-1502-2-30, Oxirane-methyloxirane polymer, Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, block, Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, ether with 1,2-propanediol (2:1), Oxirane, polymer with methyloxirane, Oxyethylene Oxypropylene Polymer, P 103, P 104, P 105, P 123, P 65, P 84, P 85, PEG/PPG-125/30 Copolymer, Plonon 201, Plonon 204, Pluracare, Pluracol V, Pluriol PE, Pluriol PE 6810, Pluronic, Pluronic 10R8, Pluronic 31R2, Pluronic-68, Pluronic C 121, Pluronic F, Pluronic F108, Pluronic F 108, Pluronic F 125, Pluronic F127, Pluronic F 127, Pluronic F 38, Pluronic F68, Pluronic F 68, Pluronic F-68, Pluronic F 68LF, Pluronic F77, Pluronic F86, Pluronic F87, Pluronic F 87, Pluronic F87-A7850, Pluronic F88, Pluronic F 88, Pluronic F 98, Pluronic L, Pluronic L 101, Pluronic L-101, Pluronic L 121, Pluronic L 122, Pluronic L 24, Pluronic L 31, Pluronic L 35, Pluronic L44, Pluronic L 44, Pluronic L 61, Pluronic L62, Pluronic L 62, Pluronic l62(mw 2500), Pluronic L64, Pluronic L 64, Pluronic l64(mw 2900), Pluronic L 68, Pluronic L-81, Pluronic L 92, Pluronic P, Pluronic P103, Pluronic P104, Pluronic P 104, Pluronic P105, Pluronic P123, Pluronic P65, Pluronic P-65, Pluronic P 75, Pluronic P-75, Pluronic P84, Pluronic P85, Pluronic P 85, Poloxalene, Poloxalene 2930, Poloxalene L64, Poloxalene [USAN:BAN:INN], Poloxalene [USAN:INN:BAN], Poloxalkol, POLOXAMER, Poloxamer 101, Poloxamer 108, Poloxamer 182LF, Poloxamer 188, Poloxamer-188, Poloxamer 331, Poloxamer 407, Poloxamer (NF), Poloxamer [USAN:BAN:INN], Polyethylene glycol, propoxylated, Poly(ethylene oxide-co-propylene oxide), Polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide, Polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide copolymer, Polyethylene-Pluronic L-62LF, Polyethylene-polypropylene glycol, Polykol, Polylon 13-5, Poly(mixed ethylene, propylene)glycol, Polyoxamer 108, Polyoxyethylenated poly(oxypropylene), Polyoxyethylene (160) polyoxypropylene (30) glycol, Polyoxyethylene-oxy-propylene [French], Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene, Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene, Polyoxyethylene - polyoxypropylene block copolymer, Polyoxyethylene - polyoxypropylene copolymer, Poly(oxyethylene)-poly(oxypropylene) glycol, Poly(oxyethylene)-poly(oxypropylene) polymer, Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene polymer, Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene Polyoxyethylene Polymer, Polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene block copolymer, Polypropoxylated, polyethoxylated propylene glycol, Polypropylene glycol, ethoxylated, Polypropylene glycol-ethylene oxide copolymer, Poly(propylene oxide-ethylene oxide), PPG Diol 3000EO, Proksanol, Pronon, Pronon 102, Pronon 104, Pronon 201, Pronon 204, Pronon 208, Propane-1,2-diol, ethoxylated, propoxylated, Propylene glycol, propylene oxide, ethylene oxide polymer, Propylene oxide-ethylene oxide copolymer, Propylene oxide-ethylene oxide polymer, Propylen M 12, Proxanol, Proxanol 158, Proxanol 228, Proxanol Tsl-3, RC 102, Regulaid, Rokopol 16P, Rokopol 30P, Rokopol 30P9, SK & F 18,667, SK&F 18,667, SK&F-18667, Slovanik, Slovanik 630, Slovanik 660, Slovanik M-640, Supronic B 75, Supronic E 400, Synperonic PE 30/40, TERGITOL, Tergitol monionic XH, Tergitol nonionic XH, Tergitol XH, Tergitol XH (nonionic), Teric PE40, Teric PE60, Teric PE 61, Teric PE 62, Teric PE70, Thanol E 4003, Therabloat, TsL 431, TVM 370, Unilube 50MB168X, Unilube 50MB26X, Velvetol OE 2NT1, Voranol P 2001, WS 661, Wyandotte 7135 Methyl oxirane polymer with oxirane, Ethoxylated polyoxypropylene f98;PEOPO;rc102;PLURONIC;75-h-1400;Poloxamer;9003-11-6;poloxalene;poloxalkol;pluronicf98 Polyethylene-polypropylene glycol
Ethylene glycol polyethylene-polypropylene glycol ether (1:2)
Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol copolymer
Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol polymer
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer ethylene glycol ether,
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide polymer
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane
1,2-Ethanediol, polymer with 1,2-propanediol
1,2-Propanediol polymer with ethylene oxide
1,2-Propanediol, polymer with 1,2-ethanediol
Acclaim 2220N
Acclaim 4220N
Actcol ED 56
Actcol MF 12
Actcol MF 18
Actcol NF 04
Actinol P 3035
Adeka Carpol MH 150
Adeka Carpol MH 500
Adeka Carpol PH 2000
Adeka CM 211
Adeka CM 294
Adeka L 31
Adeka PR 2008
Adeka PR 3007
Adekanol L 62
Adekanol NP 1200
Alkan 416
Alkox EP 10
Alkox EP 10X
Alkox EP 20X
Arlatone F 127G
Atlas SF 131
Balab 615
Benzene, ethenyl-, polymer with methyloxirane, oxirane and phenol, block
Berol 370
Berol 374
Berol TVM 370
Blaunon EP 1461
Blaunon P 172
Blaunon P 201
Breox 50A1000
Breox 75W270
Breox PAG 50A1000
BSP 5000
Carpol 2040
Carpol 2050
CF 0802
CP 1000
CP 1000 (polyoxyalkylene)
CP 1000L
CP 2000
CP 2000 (glycol)
CP 2000L
D 10
DE 1
DE 1 (demulsifier)
Desmophen 7100
Desmophen L 2830
Dezemulsionat E 96
Disfoam CC 222
Dissolvan 4411
ED 36
EL 551
Emkalyx EP 64
Emkalyx L 101
Emkarox VG 1051W
Emkarox VG 217W
Emkarox VG 379W
Emkarox VG 650W
Emulgen PP
Emulgen PP 150
Emulgen PP 250
Emulgen PP 290
EP 1660
Epan 610
Epan 70
Epan 720
Epan 742
Epan U 102
Epan U 103
Epan U 105
Epan U 180
Ethylene glycol polyethylene-polypropylene glycol ether (1:2)
Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol copolymer
Ethylene glycol-propylene glycol polymer
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer ethylene glycol ether
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide copolymer, ethylene glycol ether (2:1)
Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide polymer
Excenol 2026T
FT 257
Genapol PF
Genapol PF 10
Genapol PF 20
Genapol PF 80
Genapol PFIO
Glycols, polyethylene-polypropylene
Gran Up US 30
Hiflex 443
Hilube D 550
Hilube TB 1120
Industrol N 3
Jeffox FF 200
Jeffox PPG 2000
KRE 15
L 5050
Laprol 1502-2-70
Laprol 1601
Laprol 2402C
Laprol 4202-2B30
Laprol 5002-2B30
Laprol D 10
LF 40
LF 40 (polyether)
LF 62
LF 62 (polyether)
Lupranol 2020
Lupranol 2022
M 90/20
MAG 540-90DT
Mazu DF 204
Methyl oxirane polymer with oxirane
Methyloxirane polymerise avec l`oxirane
Methyloxirane-oxirane copolymer
Methyloxirane-oxirane polymer
MM 8750
Monolan 12000E80
Monolan PB
Multranol 9111
Multranol 9182
N 480
Nalco SPF-WTB 33
Newpol 75H90000
Nissan Disfoam CC 222
Nissan Nonion A 10R
Nissan Unilube 25DE
Nissan Unilube 30DP3B
Nissan Unilube 50MB168X
Nissan Unilube 50MB26X
Nissan Unilube 50TG32U
Nissan Unilube 60DP5B
Nissan Unilube 750DE2620
Nissan Unilube 75DE170
Nissan Unilube 75DE25
Nissan Unilube 75DE3800
Nissan Unilube 75DE5000
Nissan Unilube 80DE120U
Nissan Unilube 80DE40E
Nissan Unilube 80DE40U
Nissan Unilube DE 60
Nixolen NS 4
Nixolen SL 19
Nixolen SL 8
Nixolen VS 13
Nixolen VS 2600
Nixolen VS 40
Nonion A 10R
NSC 63908
Nutek 7C
OHV 112
OHV 168.2
OHV 56.1
OHV 84.1
Oligoether L 1502-2-30
Oxilube 50/150
Oxilube 50000
Oxirane, 2-methyl-, polymer with oxirane
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with ethenylbenzene, oxirane and phenol, block
Oxirane, methyl, polymer with oxirane
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (12;136)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (12;23)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (12;4)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (12;9)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (18;14)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (18;163)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (18;34)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (18;51)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (18;6)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (21;15)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (21;39)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (21;7)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (7;22)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane (7;91)
Oxirane, methyl-, polymers with oxirane
Oxirane, polymer with ethenylbenzene, methyloxirane and phenol, block
Oxirane-methyloxirane copolymer
Oxirane-methyloxirane polymer
Oxirane-propylene oxide copolymer
Oxyethylene-oxypropylene polymer
Oxypropylene-oxyethylene copolymer
PAG 1 (polyglycol)
PEP 101
Pepol AS 053X
PF 732
PF 80
Phenol, polymer with ethenylbenzene, methyloxirane and oxirane, block
Pluracol 686
Pluracol V
Pluradyne FL 11
Pluriol L 64
Pluriol SC 9361
Poloxalene 2930
Poloxalene L 64
Poly(ethylene/propylene) glycol
Poly(oxyethylene) poly(oxypropylene) glycol
Poly(oxyethylene)-poly(oxypropylene) polymer
Poly(propylene oxide-ethylene oxide)
Polyethylene glycol, propoxylated
Polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide
Polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide copolymer
Poly-G 83-48
Poly-G WT 90000
Poly-G WT 9150
Polyglycol D 21/150
Polyglycol EP 530
Polylon 13-5
Polyoxyethylenated poly(oxypropylene)
Polyoxyethylene oxypropylene
Polyoxyethylene polyoxpropylene glycol
Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer
Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene glycol
Polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene polymer
Polyoxyethylenepropylene glycol ether
Polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene copolymer
Polypropylene glycol-ethylene oxide copolymer
PPG Diol 3000EO
Pr 168
PR 3007
Prevocell EO
PRO 21
Propylene glycol, propoxylated, ethoxylated
Propylene oxide, polymer with ethylene oxide
Propylene oxide-ethylene oxide copolymer
Propylene oxide-ethylene oxide polymer
Propylene oxide-oxirane copolymer
Proxanol 158
Proxanol 168
Proxanol 186
Proxanol 224
Proxanol 228
Proxanol P 168
Proxanol P 268
Proxanol TsL 3
PS 072
RC 102
Rokopol 30P9
Sannix PE 75
Sannix PL 910
SBU 0319
Separol 29
Separol WF 34
Separol WF 41
Sipol L 61
SKF 18667
Slovanik 1070/7
Slovanik 610
Slovanik 630
Slovanik 660
Slovanik M
Slovanik M 340
Slovanik PV 670
Slovanik T 310
Slovanik T 320
Slovanik T 630
Supronic B 50
Supronic B 75
Supronic E 400
Supronic E 800
Surflo HS 1
Synalox 50-50B
Synthionic 80-20
Systol T 154
Teric PE
Teric PE 40
Teric PE 60
Teric PE 61
Teric PE 62
Teric PE 64
Teric PE 68
Teric PE 70
TsL 431
TVM 370
Ucon 25H
Ucon 75H
Ucon 75H1400
Ucon 75H450
Ucon 75H90000
Unilube 50MB168X
Unilube 50MB26X
Unilube 75DE5000
Unilube 80DE120U
Unilube 80DE40U
Upol U
Velvetol OE 2NT1
Voranol 222-056
Voranol 5287
Voranol P 2001
WL 1590
WL 440
WS 661
Wyandotte 7135
X 423
X 427
XD 8379
XUS 15176
Yukol 4813
Z 4
Z 4 (demulsifier)
Zeospan 8100
Zeospan 8100L
ZS 2185
ZSN 8100
ZSP 8100L


Genapol PF 80 P dispersed in the building industry and the wetting agent material is used as agent. Propylene oxide and ethylene oxide is polymerized product.
Genapol PF 80 FP is a nonionic emulsifier recommended for:
Styrene/acrylate dispersions
Acrylate dispersions
Vinyl acetate dispersions


Genapol PF 80 P yapı endüstrisinde disperse edici ve ıslatıcı ajan olarak kullanılan malzemedir.Propilen oxide ve etilen oksitin polimerize edilmiş ürünüdür.
Genapol PF 80 FP nin tavsiye edildiği non-iyonik emülsiyonlaştırıcı :
Stiren / akrilat dispersiyonları
akrilat dispersiyonları
Vinil asetat dispersiyonlan

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