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CAS NUMBER:1341-49-7



EC NUMBER: 215-676-4


SYNONYMS:AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; Ammonium acid fluoride; ammonium fluoride hydrofluoride; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride; Ammonium hydrofluoride; Acid ammonium fluoride; Ammonium fluoride ((NH4)(HF2)); Ammonium hydrogen bifluoride; HSDB 480; Fluorure acide d'ammonium [French]; EINECS 215-676-4; UN1727; UN2817; Ammonium fluoride comp. with hydrogen fluoride (1:1); ammoniumbifluoride; ammonium fluoride, acidic; Fluorure acide d'ammonium; AC1L24TU; azanium fluoride hydrofluoride; DTXSID9029645; UNII-C2M215358O; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solid; KVBCYCWRDBDGBG-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 12125-01-8 (Parent); Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solution; PC1104; C2M215358O; AN-49128; LS-18179; SC-47117; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solid [UN1727] [Corrosive]; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solid [UN1727] [Corrosive]; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solution [UN2817] [Corrosive]; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, solution [UN2817] [Corrosive]; 120144-37-8; 127026-25-9; 135446-53-6; 14055-61-9; 159431-44-4; 16941-26-7; 19121-60-9; 52697-21-9; 7790-15-0; 96740-33-9; KVBCYCWRDBDGBG-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 14935; azanium;fluoride;hydrofluoride; InChI=1S/2FH.H3N/h2*1H;1H3; KVBCYCWRDBDGBG-UHFFFAOYSA-N; F2H5N; 455830 ALDRICH Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; AX1235 EMD MILLIPORE Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride; Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; ammonium-bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride (5%); ammonium bifluoride; hydrofluoric acid, fluoride; ammonium salt; MFCD00012018; CAS: 12125-01-8/Reagent ammonium fluoride; Ammonium Fluoride; Reagent ammonium fluoride; Reagent ammonium fluoride/CAS: 12125-01-8; Industrial Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; laboratory reagent grade ammonium fluoride; Neutral ammonium fluoride; Reagent grade ammonium fluoride with best quality; NH4F - Ammonium fluoride; NH4F - Ammonium fluoride;High purity ammonium fluoride H4FN; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium bifluoride; H5F2N; 1341-49-7 [RN]; Ammonium bifluoride [Wiki]; ammonium fluoride hydrofluoride; Ammonium fluoride hydrofluoride (1:1:1) [ACD/IUPAC Name]; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride (1:1:2); Ammoniumfluoridhydrofluorid (1:1:1) [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name];Fluorure d'ammonium, fluorhydrate (1:1:1) [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name]; hydrofluoric acid, fluoride, ammonium salt; Hydrofluoric acid, fluoride, ammonium salt (1:1:1) [ACD/Index Name]; 215-676-4 [EINECS]; Acid ammonium fluoride; Ammonium acid fluoride; AMMONIUM DIFLUORIDE; Ammonium fluoride [ACD/IUPAC Name]; Ammonium Fluoride ACS; Ammonium fluoride comp. with hydrogen fluoride (1:1), Ammonium hydrofluoride; Ammonium hydrogen bifluoride; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; Ammonium hydrogendifluoride; AMMONIUM MONOHYDROGEN DIFLUORIDE; azanium hydron difluoride; CA-Ultra Dustless Chromic Acid; Fluorure acide d'ammonium [French]; MFCD00012018 [MDL number]; UN 1727; UNII:C2M215358O; UNII-C2M215358O; mmonium bifluoride; Acid ammonium fluoride; Ammonium acid fluoride; Ammonium difluoride; Ammonium fluoride; Ammonium hydrofluoride; Ammonium hydrogen bifluoride; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; Fluorure acide d'ammonium; Other RN: 7790-15-0, 14055-61-9, 16941-26-7, 19121-60-9, 52697-21-9, 96740-33-9, 120144-37-8, 127026-25-9, 135446-53-6, 159431-44-4; F.[NH4+].[FH-]; 14660 Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, tech. 95%; Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride, Flake, BAKER ANALYZED® Reagent (ammonium hydrogen fluoride); Ammonium Bifluoride Acid; Ammonium Bifluoride, Technical; Ammonium Bifluoride, 10% w/v; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, 95%, remainder mainly ammonium fluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride, Flake, BAKER ANALYZED Reagent; SIAL Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride reagent grade, 95%; Fluka Ammonium hydrogen difluoride puriss. p.a., =98.5% (F); Fluka Ammonium hydrogen difluoride puriss. p.a., =98.5% (F); ALDRICH Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, 99.999% trace metals basis; ALDRICH Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, 99.999% trace metals basis; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, reagent grade, 95%; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, 95%, remainder mainly ammonium fluoride; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE, SOLUTION; NH4HF2; Flammon; ETCHING POWDER; Ammonium difluoride; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; AMONIUM BI FLUORIDE; acidammoniumfluoride; ammoniumhydrofluoride; AMMONIUM ACID FLUORIDE; AmmoniumBifluoridePure; ETCHING POWDERAMMONIUM BIFLUORIDEAmmonium difluorideAMMONIUM FLUORIDE, ACIDICAMMONIUM ACID FLUORIDEAMMOMIUM FLUORIDE ACIDICAMMONIUM HYDROGEN DIFLUORIDEAMMONIUM HYDROGEN FLUORIDE1341-49-7Analytical ReagentsAnalytical Chromatography Product CatalogGeneral UsePuriss p.a.acidammoniumfluoride ammoniumbifluoride,solid ammoniumbifluoride,solution ammoniumfluoride((nh4)(hf2)) ammoniumfluoridecomp.withhydrogenfluoride(1:1) ammoniumfluoridecompwithhydrogenfluoride(1:1) ammoniumhydrofluoride ammoniumhydrogenbifluoride fluorureacided'ammonium(french) Ammonium fluoride, acidAmmonium hydrogen difluoride;Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium fluoride, acidAmmonium bifluoride (NH4HF2)NH4HF2AMMONIUM HYDROGENFLUORIDE REAGENT GRAD&AMMONIUM HYDROGEN FLUORIDE SCALES, TECHNAMMONIUM HYDROGENFLUORIDE, 99.999%AmmoniumBifluoridePureAmmonium hydrogen difluoride, extra pure, 95%H5F2NAMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE SOLUTION, 5% AQUEOUSAMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE TECHNICAL; Ammoniumhydrogenfluoride,min.96% (contains34%NH4F) AMMONIUMBIFLUORIDE, FLAKEAmmonium hydrogen fluoride 98%; FFHH4N Ammoniumhydrogenfluoride 98% NH4FHF Industrial/Fine ChemicalsAMONIUM BI FLUORIDE AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE (controlled chemical) Inorganic ChemicalsInorganics Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, 95%, remainder mainly ammonium fluoride; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride, tech. 95%Ammonium acidfluoride (po F)ammonium bifluoride ammonium hydrogen difluorideNH4FHAmmonium hydrogen difluoride, 98+%Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, tech. 95%Ammonium bifluoride, Etching powderAmmonium hydrogen difluoride, 95%, extra pureAmmonium hydrogenfluoride【F2H5N】FlammonAmmonium hydrogenfluororideAmmonium hydrogen difluoride,Ammonium bifluoride, Etching powder; AMMONIUM bifluoride (ammonium fluoride acid) 98%; Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium Acid Fluoride, Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride (Crystalline/Technical), Fisher Chemical; Ammonium bifluoride (ABF); Ammonium difluoride; Ammonium acid fluoride; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium fluoride compound with hydrogen fluoride (1:1); Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium bifluoride ; Ammonium bifluoride; Ammonium Bifluoride (Crystalline/Technical), Fisher Chemical; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; Acid ammonium fluoride; Ammonia white acid; Ammonium acid fluoride; Ammonium fluoride; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride; Ammonium fluoride ((NH4)(HF2)); (2N) 99% Ammonium Bifluoride; (3N) 99.9% Ammonium Bifluoride; (4N) 99.99% Ammonium Bifluoride; (5N) 99.999% Ammonium Bifluoride; Ammonium bifluoride, Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, Ammonium Acid fluoride; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE-CRYSTAL; Ammonium Bifluoride pure, 98%; Ammonium Bifluoride GRADE :VOLUMETRIC; Ammonium Bifluoride, flake; ammonium acid fluoride; ammonium hydrogen fluoride; white acid; Ammonium Bifluoride, Flake, BAKER ANALYZEDTM Reagent, J.T.Baker; AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE; ABF (Ammonium Bifluoride); AMONYUM Bİ FLORİDE; AMMONIUM BI FLUORIDE; AMONYUM Bİ FLORİD; AMONYUM BIFLORID; ammanıum bi flrodide; ammonıum bi florıde; ammonıum bı florıde; amonyum biflorid; ammonium bi flyrodi; amonyum bı florıd; ammonyum di florid; ammonyum bi florit; floride; florid; ammonium bi floride; ammonium bi floride; Ammonium bifluoride (ABF); Ammonium difluoride; Ammonium acid fluoride; Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Ammonium fluoride compound with hydrogen fluoride (1:1); amonyum bi florür; ammonyum bi florür; amonyum bi florür; Ammonium hydrogen flüoride, Ammonium acid flüoride, Ammonium hydrofluoride, Ammonium difluoride, Ammonium hydrogendifluoride, Ammonium hydrogen difluoride; Cas No: 1341-49-7; Ammonium hydrogen fluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula NH4HF2. It is produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. This colourless salt is a glass-etchant and an intermediate in a once-contemplated route to hydrofluoric acid;



General Information

Molecular formula: H5F2N
GHS Hazard statements: H301, H314 [1]
GHS precautionary statements: P280, P301 +310, P305 +351 +338, P310 NFPA 704
Solubility in water: 63g / 100ml 20 ° C
Alcohol Solubility: slightly soluble
Refractive index (nD): 1.390
Structure: Crystal structure
Density: 1.50 g cm-3
Melting point: 126 ° C, 399 K, 259 ° C (decomp.)
Boiling point: 240 ° C and 513 K, 464 °


Ammonium bifluoride having a strong hydrogen structure is the inorganic compound with the ammonium hydrogen fluoride formula NH 4 HF 2 or NH 4 F.HF. It is produced from ammonia and hydrogen fluoride. Ammonium is named hydrogen hydrogen fluoride.



Production and Reactions

Ammonium bifluoride; Hekate is regarded as an intermediate in the production of hydrofluoric acid from acid. Thus, the hexa acid is hydrolyzed to give the decomposed ammonium fluoride to give thermal bifluoride:

H2SiF6 6 NH3 + 2 H2O -> SiO2 + 6 NH4F2 + NH4F -> NH3 [NH4] HF2


Usage areas



Ammonium bifluoride; Metal surface treatment is used as an important component of shiny digo baths in the removal and cleaning of oxide layers of non-ferrous metals.



Ammonium bifluoride; It is used as a component in cleaning and disinfecting, in the production of wood preservatives, as a cleaner and a stain remover for destabilizers.



Ammonium bifluoride; Glass processing, mineral oil / natural gas drilling (as an aid to the removal of silicate rocks, electronics industry, bacteria killer, there are many areas of use.



Genel Bilgi

Moleküler formül : H5F2N
GHS tehlike ifadeleri : H301, H314 [1]
GHS önlem ifadeleri : P280, P301 +310, P305 +351 +338, P310 NFPA 704
Suda çözünürlük : 63g/100ml 20 ° C
Alkol Çözünürlüğü : hafif çözünür
Kırılma indeksi (nD) : 1.390
Yapı : Kristal yapı
Yoğunluk : 1.50 g cm-3
Ergime noktası : 126 ° C, 399 K, 259 ° C (ayrışarak)
Kaynama noktası : 240 ° C ve 513 K, 464 °



Güçlü bir hidrojen yapısına sahip olan amonyum biflorür;amonyum hidrojen florid formülü NH4HF2 veya NH4F • HF ile inorganik bileşiktir. Amonyak ve hidrojen florürden üretilir.Amonyum Hidrojen flörür olarakta adlandırılmaktadır.



Üretim ve Reaksiyonları

Amonyum biflorid; Hekza asitten hidroflorik asit üretiminde ara madde olarak kabul edilmektedir. Böylece, hekza asit termal biflorit vermek için parçalanır amonyum florür, vermek üzere hidrolize edilir:

H2SiF6 6 NH3 + 2 H2O → SiO2 + 6 NH4F 2 + NH4F → NH3 [NH4] HF2


Kullanım Alanları



Amonyum biflorür; Metal yüzey işleme parlak digo banyolarının önemli bir komponenti olarak,demir içermeyen metallerin oksit tabakalarının giderilmesi ve temizliğinde kullanılmaktadır.



Amonyum biflorür; Temizlik ve dezenfeksiyonlarda komponent olarak,ahşap koruyucuların üretiminde,destilleyicilerin temizliği ve leke giderici olarak kullanılmaktadır.



Amonyum biflorür; Cam işleme,mineral yağ/doğal gaz delme (silikat kayalarının içinden çıkarma için bir yardımcı olarak, elektronik endüstrisi, bakteri öldürücü gibi birçok dalda kullanım alanı bulunmaktadır.






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