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CAS NUMBER: 68-11-1

EC NUMBER:200-677-4



SYNONYMS:Mercaptoacetic acid, 2-Mercaptoethanoic acid;alpha-Acetic acid, mercapto- (CAS Name), mercaptoacetic acid, 2-Mercaptoacetic acid, ?-mercaptoacetic acid, 2-thioglycolic acid, 2-sulfanylacetic acid (IUPAC) ;200-677-4 [EINECS];2-Mercaptoacetic acid;2-mercaptoethanoic acid;2-thioglycolic acid;506166 [Beilstein];68-11-1 [RN];Acetic acid, 2-mercapto-[ACD/Index Name];acetic acid, mercapto-;acetyl mercaptan;Acide sulfanylacétique [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name];Acidethioglycolique [French];Glycolic acid, 2-thio-;Glycolic acid, thio-;Kyselina merkaptooctová [Czech];Kyselina thioglykolová [Czech];mercaptoacetic acid;Mercaptoessigsaeure [German];mercaptoethanoic acid;Merkaptoessigsaeure [German];MFCD00004876[MDL number];Sulfanylacetic acid [ACD/IUPAC Name];Sulfanylessigsäure [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name];Thioglycolic acid[Wiki],thioglycolic acid-;thioglycollic acid;Thioglykolsaeure [German];?-mercaptoacetic acid;2-sulfanylacetic acid;2-sulfanylethanoic acid;4-03-00-00600 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) [Beilstein];Acide thioglycolique;Acide thioglycolique[French];EINECS 200-677-4;Kyselina merkaptooctova [Czech];Kyselina thioglykolova [Czech];mercapto acetic acid;Mercaptoacetic acid (Thioglycolic acid);METHYLTHIO, CARBOXY-;SH1VQ [WLN];sJPhLPDIKTp@;Thioglycolicacid;Thiovanic acid;UN 1940;UNII:7857H94KHM;UNII-7857H94KHM;WLN: SH1VQ;?-mercaptoacetic acid;?-Mercaptoacetic acid;????[Chinese];Thiovanic acid;mercaptoacetic;Thioglycolate;2-mercaptoethanoic acid;thioglycolic;TGA;usafcb-35;MEQUINDOX;USAFcb-35;thioglycolic;thiovanicacid;Thioglycolate;mercaptoacetic;Thiovanic acid;Thiovanie acid;2-Phenylethanethiol ;SODIUMETHANETHIOLATE;ETHYL THIOGLYCOLATE; THIOGLYCOLIC ACID ;SODIUM SALT (MERCAPTOACETIC ACID SODIUM SALT),Mercaptoacetic acid;sodium salt, Thioglycolic acid sodium salt ;Methyl glycolate;CARBOXYMETHYLMERCAPTOSUCCINIC ACID METHYL (PHENYLSULFINYL) ACETATE (PHENYLTHIO)ACETIC ACID S-CARBOXYMETHYL-L-CYSTEINE METHYL (METHYLSULFINYL)ACETATE,80% TECH. Mercaptoacetic acid 2,2'-Thiodiethanol 1,1'-Thiobisethane Methyl thioglycolate Stearic acid Glycolic acid Diglycolamide laurate ;2-Ethylhexylmercaptoacetate;2-mercaptoacetate; 2-Thioglycolic acid; 2-thio-glycolicaci; 2-thioglycolicacid ;Aceticacid,mercapto- Acidethioglycolique acidethioglycolique acidethioglycolique(french) alpha-Mercaptoacetic acid alpha-mercaptoaceticacid Glycolicacid, 2-thio- Glycolic acid, thio- glycolicacid,2-thio- Kyselina merkaptooctova;Kyselinathioglykolova;kyselinamerkaptooctova kyselinathioglykolova; Mercaptoacetate mercaptoacetic mercapto-aceticaci;Sulfanylacetic acid thioglycolic thio-glycolicaci Thiovanic acid thiovanicacid USAF cb-35 usafcb-35; MERCAPTOACETIC ACID68-11-1 Building Blocks 2-MERCAPTOACETIC ACID Thiols/Mercaptans Sulfur Compounds Organic Building Blocks ;Thiovanie acid;THIOGLYCOLIC ACID ,THIOGLYCOLLIC ACID, Thioglyeollic acid TGA TRIGLYCOLIC ACID thioglycolic acid free acid Thioglycolicacid solution;Thioglypollic Acid THIOGLYCOLIC ACID 80 % EXTRA PURE THIOGLYCOLIC ACID 80%, A PRODUCT FROM EL F ATOCHEM (TGA80%); MERCAPTOESSIGSAEURE 99+%, EIN PRODUKT VO THIOGLYCOLIC ACID SOLUTION, 80% IN WATER MERCAPTOACETIC ACID, 99+% (TGA99)(WORLD MERCAPTOACETIC ACID, SOLUTION EXTRA PURE 80+% MERCAPTOACETIC ACID, GR 99+% MERCAPTOACETIC ACID, 98.5%ThioglycolicAcidA.R. THIOGLYCOLLIC ACID 80 % Mercaptoaceticacid,98+% Thioglycolate C2H4O2S Mercaptoacetic acid, 80% inwater THIOGLYCOLIC ACID REAGENT;Mercaptoacetic acid;Thiovanic acid;Thioglycollic acid;Acetomercaptan;Mercaptoacetate;2-Mercaptoacetic acid;2-Thioglycolic acid;Acetyl mercaptan, Mercaptoacetate, Mercaptoacetic acid, 2-Mercaptoacetic acid, 2-Thioglycolic acid, Thiovanic acid;C2-H4-O2-S, HSCH2COOH, "2-thioglycolic acid", "2-thioglycolic acid", mercaptoacetate, "alpha-mercaptoacetic acid", "2-mercaptoacetic acid", "2-mercaptoacetic acid", "thioglycollic acid", "thiovanic acid","glycolic acid, thio-", "glycolic acid, 2-thio-","glycolic acid, 2-thio-;ACETYL MERCAPTAN;ALPHA-MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;GLYCOLIC ACID, 2-THIO-;MERCAPTOACETATE;MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;2-MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;2-MERCAPTOETHANOIC THIOGLYCOLIC ACID( TİOGLİKOLİK ASİT)ACID;SULFHYDRYLACETIC ACID;THIOGLYCOLIC ACID;2-THIOGLYCOLIC ACID;THIOGYCOLLIC ACID;THIOVANIC ACID;USAFCB-35;Mercaptoacetic Acid; Thiovanic Acid;Sulfanylacetic acid (IUPAC Name); 2-Mercaptoacetic acid; 2-Mercaptoethanoic acid;2-thioglycolic acid; 2-Mercapto-acetic acid; Mercapto-acetic acid; alpha-mercaptoacetic acid; 2-Thio-glycolic acid; Thio-glycolic acid; Mercaptoacetic acid; mercaptoethanoic acid; thioglycollic acid;Acetic acid, mercapto-; ?-Mercaptoaceticacid; Glycolic acid, 2-thio-; Thioglycolic acid; Thiovanic acid; 2-Mercaptoacetic acid; 2-Thioglycolic acid; Thioglycollicacid; Acide thioglycolique; Glycolic acid, thio-; USAF CB-35; Kyselina merkaptooctova; Kyselina thioglykolova; UN 1940;Acetic acid, 2-mercapto-; NSC 1894;2-Mercaptoacetic Acid; 2-Mercaptoethanoic Acid; 2-Thioglycolic Acid; Glycolic Acid, 2-thio-; Mercaptoacetic Acid; NSC 1894; Sulfhydrylacetic Acid; Thiovanic Acid; ?-Mercaptoacetic Acid;acetic acid, 2-mercapto-;acetic acid, mercapto-;glycolic acid, 2-thio-;glycolic acid, thio-;mercaptoacetic acid;2-mercaptoaceticacid;alpha-mercaptoacetic acid;mercaptoethanoic acid;2-mercaptoethanoic acid;sulfanylacetic acid;2-sulfanylacetic acid;2-thioglycolic acid;thioglycolic acid-;thioglycollic acid;thiovanic acid;ACETIC ACID, MERCAPTO; ACETIC ACID, MERCAPTO-;MERCAPTO- ACETIC ACID; MERCAPTOACETIC ACID; SULFHYDRYLACETIC ACID; THIOGLYCOLLIC ACID; THIOVANIC ACID; 2-MERCAPTOACETICACID; 2-THIOGLYCOLIC ACID; ACIDE THIOGLYCOLIQUE (FRENCH) ; ALPHA-MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;TGA;2-Sulfanylacetic acid ; Aceticacid, 2-mercapto-;Mercaptoacetic acid, 2-Mercaptoethanoic acid;S-(THIOBENZOYL)THIOGLYCOLIC ACID;hioglycolic acid,tiyoglikolik asit, tioglikolik asit; tiyoglikolikasit; tioglikolikasit; thioglycolicacid; mercaptoaceticacid; mercaptoacetic acid; cas no : 68-11-1, tioglikolik asit, merkaptoasetik asit, 2-Sulfanylacetic acid ( 2-Sulfanilasetik asit ) ,Mercaptoacetic acid, tioglikolik asit, merkaptoasetik asit, tüy dükücü, cas no:68-11-1, tiyo, glikolik asit; 2-Sulfanylacetic acid ( 2-Sulfanilasetik asit ) , Mercaptoacetic acid ( Merkaptoasetik asit );2-mercaptoacetate;2-mercaptoacetate, bismuth (3+), sodium salt (3:1:3);2-mercaptoacetate, calcium salt (1:1);2-mercaptoacetate, calcium salt (2:1);2-mercaptoacetate, calcium salt (2:1) salt, trihydrate;2-mercaptoacetate, monoammonium salt;2-mercaptoacetate,monopotassium salt;2-mercaptoacetate, monosodium salt;2-thioglycolic acid;ammonium thioglycolate;calciumthioglycolate;mercaptoacetic acid;sodium thioglycolate;sodium thioglycollate thioglycolic acid;2-MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;MERCAPTOACETIC ACID;TGA;THIOGLYCOLIC ACID;THIOGLYCOLLIC ACID;Thioglyeollic acid;Thiovanie acid;TRIGLYCOLIC ACID;2-mercaptoacetate;2-Thioglycolic acid;2-thio-glycolicaci;2thioglycolicacid;Aceticacid,mercapto-;Acidethioglycolique;acidethioglycolique;acidethioglycoliqu(french);alphaMercaptoaceticacid;alphamercaptoaceticacid;Glycolicacid,2-thio;Glycolic acid, thio-;Thioglycolic acid solution; thioglycolic acid free acid; Thioglycollic acid; Thioglycolicacid; Thioglypollic Acid; sulfanylacetate;Thiovanicacid;mercaptoacetic;Thioglycolate;2-mercaptoethanoicacid;thioglycolic;TIOGLIKOLIK ASIT;TİOGLİKOLİK ASİT;TIOGLIKOLIKSIT;TİOGLİKOLİKAİST;tioglikolikasit;tioglikolikasit;tıoglıkolıkasıt;tıo glıkolık asıt;THİOGLYCOLIC ACID;THIOGLYCOLICACID;thioglycolik acid;thıoglycolıcacıd;thioglycolicacid;tıoglycolıcacıd;tio glikolik asit;tioglikolikaist;tıo glıkolık asıt;tıoglıkolıkasıt;Mercaptoaceticacid, 2-Mercaptoethanoic acid;TGA;usafcb35;MEQUINDOX;USAFcb35;thioglycolic;thiovanicacid;Thioglycolate;mercaptoacetic;Thiovanic acid;Thiovanie acid; thio glikolik asit; thioglikolik asit; thio glycolic acid; thioglycolic acid; THIO GLYCOLIC ACID; THIOGLYCOLIC ACID;





Thioglycolic Acid (TGA) was first developed in the early 1940s by Dr. Ralph Evans in Hoboken, New Jersey, as an active material for cold wave permanents. Todays mainly Thioglycolic acid salts are used in cosmetic applications for hair perms, straighteners and depilatories.Another major use for TGA in its ester form is as a key raw material in the manufacture of organotin heat-stabilizers for PVC. These esters can also be used as chain transfer agents in solvent based polymerisations.nOther applications were developed soon after in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, leather processing industries. Thioglycolic acid can also be used as a water-soluble chain transfer agent for certain acrylic polymers. The anti-corrosive properties of TGA or its salts are useful in the oil field sector in down-hole applications and as cleaning agents.The esters of Thioglycolic acid, such as 2-Ethylhexyl Thioglycolate (-mercaptoacetate), also called 2-EHTG, and Iso-Octyl Thioglycolate (-mercaptoacetate), also called IOTG react like regular mercaptans and show long term stability. Both are also key intermediates in the manufacture of tin heat-stabilizers for PVC.Thioglycolic Acid and it salts and esters modify hair fibers to facilitate changes to the structure of the fibers, such as with permanent waves or with hair straightening. They are also used to chemically break down hair fibers so that unwanted hair can be removed by simply wiping it from the skin.Thioglycolic acid (TGA) is the organic compound HSCH2CO2H. Thioglycolic acid is often called mercaptoacetic acid (MAA). It contains both a thiol (mercaptan) and carboxylic acid functional groups. It is a colorless liquid with a strongly unpleasant odor. Thioglycolic acid is miscible with polar organic solvents.Thioglycolic acid (Thioglycolic acid or mercaptoacetic acid, CAS 68-11-1) is a high-performance chemical containing mercaptan and carboxylic acid functionalities. TGA is completely miscible in water and is used in industries and applications as diverse as oil and gas, cosmetics, cleaning, leather processing, metals, fine chemistry and polymerization.





Thioglycolic acid's unique reducing properties make it an ideal candidate for a wide variety of chemical reactions including addition, elimination, or cyclization reactions. Thioglycolic acid's thiol group (-SH) will react in the presence of bases, acids, ketone groups or organic halogens. In the presence of alcohols or amines, the carboxylic group will react preferentially. 


Production Facilities


As the leading producers of Thioglycolic acid, its esters and salts, BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS are providing state of the art quality from their production facilities in Marschacht, Germany (near Hamburg), and Waterloo New York, USA and excellent customer service from their sales offices in Marschacht and Teaneck, New Jersey, in the USA. Thioglycolic acid is a colorless liquid with a strong, typical mercaptan disagreeable odor (although olfactory fatigue may occur) which is used in cosmetic formulations including permanent wave solutions and depilatories, in pharmaceutical manufacture, and as a stabilizer for vinyl plastics. A recent use is as a capping or stabilizing agent for Cd/Te quantum microdots (QDs). It is a member of the thioglycolate chemical class.


Other names for thioglycolic acid include:

-Mercaptoacetic acid
-Thiovanic acid
-Thioglycollic acid
-2-Mercaptoacetic acid
-Thioglycolic acid





Tioglikolik asit (TGA) ilk olarak 1940'ların başında New Jersey'deki Hoboken'deki Dr. Ralph Evans tarafından aktif olarak geliştirildi.Soğuk dalgalı kalıcı malzemeler için. Günümüzde ağırlıklı olarak Tioglikolik asit tuzları, saç permalı kozmetik uygulamalarında kullanılmaktadır.Düzleştiriciler ve depilatoryler. TGA için ester formunda bir başka ana kullanım, imalatında önemli bir hammadde gibidir.PVC için organotin ısı stabilizatörleri. Bu esterler ayrıca solvent bazlı zincir transfer maddeleri olarak da kullanılabilir.Polymerisations.nOther uygulamaları ilaç, zirai ilaç, deri işleme yakında sonra geliştirildi endüstriyel. Tioglikolik asit ayrıca bazı akrilik polimerler için suda çözünebilen bir zincir transfer maddesi olarak da kullanılabilir.Tioglikolik asit veya tuzlarının anti-korozif özellikleri, petrol sahası sektöründe aşağı delik uygulamalarında ve temizlik olarak faydalıdır.2-Etilheksil Tioglikolat (-erkaptoasetat) gibi Thioglikolik asit esterleri de 2-EHTG olarak adlandırılır ve IOTG olarak da adlandırılan izo-Okil Tiyoglikolat (-erkaptoasetat), normal merkaptanlar gibi reaksiyona girer ve uzun süreli stabilite gösterir.Her ikisi de PVC için teneke ısı stabilizatörlerinin üretiminde anahtar ara ürünlerdir. Tioglikolik Asit ve tuzlar ve esterler, kalıcı dalgalarla veya saçlarla olduğu gibi liflerin yapısındaki değişiklikleri kolaylaştırmak için saç liflerini değiştirir doğrultma. Ayrıca saç tellerini kimyasal olarak kırmak için de kullanılırlar, böylece istenmeyen tüyler kolayca çıkarılabilir onu deriden silerek.Tioglikolik asit asit (TGA), HSCH2CO2H organik bileşiktir. Tioglikolik asit genellikle merkaptoasetik asit (MAA) olarak adlandırılır. Hem bir tiol (merkaptan) hem de karboksilik asit fonksiyonel gruplarını içerir. Kesinlikle hoş olmayan bir kokusu olan renksiz bir sıvıdır. Tiyoglikolik asit, polar organik çözücülerle karışabilir. Tioglikolik asit (Tioglikolik asit veya merkaptoasetik asit, CAS 68-11-1), yüksek performanslı bir kimyasal içeren merkaptan ve karboksilik asit fonksiyonelliktir. Tioglikolik asit suda tamamen karışır ve petrol ve gaz, kozmetik, temizlik, deri işleme, metaller, ince kimya ve polimerizasyon gibi çeşitli endüstrilerde ve uygulamalarda kullanılır.




Tioglikolik asitin benzersiz indirgenme özellikleri, çok çeşitli kimyasal reaksiyonlar için ideal bir adaydır.Ekleme, eleme veya döngüleşme reaksiyonları dahil. Tioglikolik asit tiyol grubu (-SH) varlığında reaksiyona girer bazlar, asitler, keton grupları veya organik halojenler. Alkoller veya aminlerin varlığında, karboksilik grup reaksiyona girer tercihli.


Üretim tesisleri


Tioglikolik asit, esterleri ve tuzlarının önde gelen üreticileri olarak BRUNO BOCK ve EVANS CHEMETICS, Marschacht, Almanya (Hamburg yakınlarında) ve Waterloo New York, ABD'deki üretim tesislerindeki sanat kalitesi ABD'deki Marschacht ve Teaneck, New Jersey'deki satış ofislerinden mükemmel müşteri hizmetleri. Tioglikolik asit güçlü, tipik bir merkaptan, nahoş bir koku (renksiz bir yorgunluk meydana gelebilir) ile kullanılan renksiz bir sıvıdır. Farmasötik üretiminde kalıcı dalga çözeltileri ve döküntüleri içeren kozmetik formülasyonlarda ve vinil plastikler için stabilizatör. Yakın zamandaki bir kullanım Cd / Te kuantum microdots (QDs) için bir kapaklama veya stabilize edici ajandır. Bu bir tioglikolat kimyasal sınıfının üyesi.


Tioglikolik asit için diğer isimler şunlardır:

-Mercaptoasetik asit
-Tiovanik asit
-Tioglikolik asit
-2-Merkaptoasetik asit
-Tioglikolik asit


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