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cpma; CPMA

CPMA is an aqueous solution of a polymer based on maleic anhydride. It provıdes excellent scale control in industrial cooling water systems. In combination with phosphonates, it gives excelent control of calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate deposition, and can be applied to formulate very cost-effective zinc-based corrosion inhibitor formulations.

The advantages of CPMA can be described as follows:

-Provide effective scale control over a wide range of water conditions.
-Offer excellent scale inhibition in critical high temperature heat transfer area.
-Improve corrosion control in alkaline systems by maintaining clean surfaces.
-Provide excellent corrosion control zinc-based treatments.
-Containno heavy metals or phosphorous.
-Resist to chlorine and is compatible with most microbiological control programs.
-With good chemical and thermals stability


-Cooling water systems
-Cleaning compounds
-Pulp & paper process
-Reverse osmosis systems
-Olifield injection systems


-200 kgs net in HDPE drum

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