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BARDAC; BARDAC 2170 P; biyosit; biocide; biosit; biocit; LONZA; bardac2170op; bardac 2170 op; BARDAC 2107 OP; BARDAC2107OP; BARDAK 2107 OP; BARDAK2107OP

Broad spectrum of biocidal activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms. Superior fungicide. Excellent algaecide. Safe at use concentrations. Bardac hygiene products, wood preservation, used in water treatment and Oil & Gas applications. Bardac bacteria with quaternary ammonium component family of products, mushrooms, shows excellent biocidal activity against a wide spectrum of viruses and algae. Product applications water treatment, hygiene, wood protection and oil & gas applications.

Bardac 2170P is an active biocidal product. with high amine content in the product line is highly effective against both gram positive, gram negative microorganisms. Off viruses and a broad spectrum, such as Hepatitis B and HIV as well as its efficacy on various fungi were proved. Biocidal properties as well as a good surfactant and wetting agent.

Use areas:
-Disinfectant and disinfectant cleaner.
-Agriculture applications, food and dairy industry.
-Water treatment (swimming pools, cooling towers, etc).
-Mechanical disinfection of surgical instruments in washing machines.

-Product is supplied in polyethylene drums holding 192 kgs net.
-It can be stored in the sealed original drum over a period of two years.

It is a quat for biocidal active products low tendency to foam, broad spectrum biocidal activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, superior fungicide, excellent algaecide, and safe at use concentrations.

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