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BARDAC 114; bardac 114; 114; bardak 114; BARDAK 114; bardac114; BARDAC114; bardak114; BARDAK114;BARDAC; BARDAC 114; biyosit; biocide; biosit; biocit; LONZA; Alkyldimethylbenzyl; Alkyldimethylethylbenzyl; Dialkyldimethyl ammoniumchloride

CAS No.: 68391-01-5

Bardac 114 is an active for biocidal products and a specially selected blend of dialkyl-quats and benzalkonium-quats that features broad spectrum activity against both gram positive and gram negative organisms, superior fungicide, moderate irritant, good surfactant and wetting properties. For use in Hygiene, Wood Protection, Water Treatment and Oil & Gas applications.

The Bardac family of products are quaternary ammonium compounds with excellent biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as: bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae. Product applications include: Water Treatment, Hygiene, Wood Protection and Oil & Gas.

Use areas;
-Disinfectant and disinfectant cleaner H, I+I applications.
-Disinfectant for acrylic glass in health clubs and industry.

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