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antimussol; ANTIMUSSOL; Antimussol; Antımussol; antımussol; antimussol; antımıssol; antimissol; ANTIMISSOL; ANTİMİSSOL

Antimussol is a defoaming agent for aqueous solutions. It is a blend of liquid hydrocarbons with silica and fat derivatives. This product is a highly effective liquid defoamer with emulsifying abilities in water. Therefore this defoamer type is especially suitable for the use in low viscous and and unpigmented systems. Of course Antimussol can also be used in highly filled systems especially when a fast distribution of the defoamer is desired. For manufacturing of emulsions it is necessary to add always the defoamer to the water. This product is typically used in the following applications: emulsion paints; polymer dispersions; emulsions and pigment dispersions; pigment preparations with organic and inorganic pigments, e.g. tinting pastes; surfactant formulations; and concrete. A wide range of highly effective and easy to use foam control chemicals. Products are available for all segments of the pulp and paper industry, including silicone and oil-based defoamers for brown-stock washing, water-based emulsions for the paper machine wet-end and alkoxane derivatives for size press and coating applications.

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