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aloxıcoll pf 40; ALOXICALL PF 40; ALOKSIKOL PF 40; aloksıkol pf 40; aloksikol pf 40; ALOXICOLL PF 40
INCI Name: Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Empirical Formula: Al2(OH)5Cl x nH2O

Synonyms: Aluminum Chlorohydrate, Polyaluminum Chloride, Aluminum Chlorohydroxide

ALOXICOLL type PF40 is a standard antiperspirant active. Its efficacy is due to the precipitation of basic Aluminium Chlorohydrate polymer complexes in the upper part of the sweat glands. These polymers can be measured by HPLC. A typical HPLC trace for ALOXICOLL PF40 can be seen below, indicating the characteristic polymer distribution from band 1 to band 4.

Chemical Properties

ALOXICOLL powders are stable under non aqueous conditions. Aqueous / alcoholic solutions of ALOXICOLL are slightly acidic.  At pH values > 5, insoluble Al(OH)3 precipitates out. On drying, the residue decomposes to HCl and Al(OH)3. On further heating, to temperatures >100°C, Al(OH)3 releases water.

Physiological Properties

According to the application area and concentration applied, ALOXICOLL exhibits sweat reducing, deodorant, astringent, antibacterial and antiphlogistic properties.


ALOXICOLL PF40 is primarily used in anhydrous formulations e.g. aerosols, sticks, soft solids, suspension roll-ons, powders and creams.


ALOXICOLL PF40 is an Aluminium Chlorohydrates according to USP 29. The FDA Final Antiperspirant Monograph classifies ALOXICOLL types under category 1, as safe and effective for use in all types of antiperspirant formulations.


ALOXICOLL PF40 powder is available in 140 kg fibre drums.


ALOXICOLL types can be stored for more than 3 years in original, unopened containers. Once opened, the powders should be used quickly and contact with moisture should be avoided.
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