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Synonyms: Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE); NPE; APEO; Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate; 4-Nonylphenol branched, ethoxylated; Nonylphenol branched, ethoxylated; Nonyl phenol polyglycol ether; Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate; Nonylphenol Ethoxylate; 4 Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate; Nonylphenol ethoxylate; Nonylphenol, ethoxylated; Nonylphenolethoxylat; Nonylphenolethoxylate; Nonylphenylpolyethylenglykol; Nonylphénylpolyéthylèneglycol; Tergitol Nonyl Phenol 4 EO  , Arkopal N 40; NP-4; NP4;

CAS number: 9016-45-9

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is an oil-soluble surfactant with excellent emulsification properties at low HLB (HLB: 8.9)

This property helps Nonyl Phenol 4 EO to remove dirt when added to the cleaner formulations.

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is a Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate (NPE) Surfactant.  

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is a nonionic surfactant that decreases the surface or interfacial tension between two liquids.

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is a non-ionic surface active agent for use in paints and coatings, paper and textile processing, cleaners and detergents, agrochemicals, and metalworking fluids, with excellent detergency, outstanding wetting, versatile solubility characteristics, and exceptional handling properties. 

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is used in large quantities as detergents, cleaning agents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming agents, antistatic additives, or dispersants.

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO Surface Active Agent can be used in oilfield drilling and production formulations as a dispersant for petroleum oil, in-process cleaning, cleaners and degreasers, and dry cleaning.

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is a nonionic surface active agent compatible with all other nonionic, anionic, or cationic substances.

Electrolytes, for example, neutral salts, alkalis, and – to a lesser extent – acids, reduce the water solubility of  Nonyl Phenol 4 EO and may lead to their salting out, especially at high concentrations and temperatures

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO has excellent resistance to compounds that cause hard water to metal salts, including those of heavy metals, acids, alkalis, reductive agents, and oxidative agents based on peroxide. 

Emulsifying action of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO : The excellent emulsifying action of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO   allows the preparation of stable emulsions.

Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is the most suitable for the various oils and solvents:
Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is ideal for mineral oils, petrolatum, and similar aliphatic hydrocarbons

*Application Areas of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO  :

Metal Working
Paints and Coatings
Pesticides & Biocides
Pulp & Paper
Textiles & Leather

*Please check local and international regulations

Uses of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO  :
Cleaning product formulations
Paints and coatings
Emulsion polymerization
Anywhere there is a need for increased surface activity

Benefits of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO  :
Deliver a combination of economy and performance
Excellent detergency and wetting
Good solubilization and emulsification

Application Benefits

Compatibility: Nonyl Phenol 4 EO is compatible with Quats

Product Use and Formulating
Bleach Stable: Not Recommended

Typical Properties of Nonyl Phenol 4 EO  :

% Actives: 100 % 

Active substance content: about 100 %

Appearance at 20 °C: viscous, slightly yellow liquid

Chemistry: Alkylphenol Ethoxylate (APE) 

pH value (DIN EN 1262), 5 % as is in ethanol/water 1:1: about 6 – 8

Solubility at 20 °C in water: insoluble

Density (DIN 51757) at 50 °C: about 1.0 g/cm³

Viscosity (DIN 53015) at 50 °C: about 43 mPas

Cloud Point °C  @1% Aqueous (ASTM D 2024): Insoluble 

Cloud point (EN 1890): about 36 – 38 °C (5 g in 25 g 25 % BDG solution)

CMC (25°C) ppm: Insoluble PPM 

Foam Height mm - Initial (0.1 wt% actives): Insoluble 

Form: Liquid 

HLB: 8.9 

Moles EO: 4 

Pour Point: -28 °C 

Pour point (DIN/ISO 3016): < -10°C

Flashpoint (DIN/ISO 2592): ca. 220 °C

Lime-soap dispersion action (DIN 53903): --- (insoluble)

Surface tension (DIN 53914) at 20 °C: --- (insoluble)

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