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Hexafluorozirconic acid

Hexafluorozirconic acid is mainly used as a corrosion inhibitor in the metal and coatings industry. 

Hexafluorozirconic acid shows the highest effectiveness on aluminum though it can also be used on other metals. 

Hexafluorozirconic acid is used in non-chromium surface passivation in the surface treatment industry.

Hexafluorozirconic acid is employed as an alternative to nickel-based products with less hazardous properties regarding environmental and health & safety related regulations.

Hexafluorozirconic acid, CAS 12021-95-3 (hexafluorozirconic acid or fluozirconic acid) has the formula H2ZrF6. 

Hexafluorozirconic acid is a corrosive chemical, like all salts of fluorosilicic acid. 

Hexafluorozirconic acid is used in zirconium oxide thin films for aluminum anodizing, surface treatment applications, electroplating, and chrome-free aluminum lacquering processes.  

For metal treatment processes, Fluorozirconic acid and Fluorotitanic acid are often used together in the plating system.


Aluminum lacquering in chrome-free processes
Synthesis of fluoride-releasing dental monomers, as a precursor of ZrO2 ceramic films as well as metal surface passivation
Hexafluorozirconic acid reduces the occurrence of sludge as a side product – e.g., in Zincphosphate-based systems.

Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate solution, Hydrogen zirconium fluoride, HFZA

Linear Formula: H2ZrF6

CAS Number: 12021-95-3

Molecular Weight: 207.23

EC / List no.: 234-666-0

CAS no.: 12021-95-3

Mol. formula: F6Zr.2H

Hexafluorozirconic acid is used for the following applications: Hexafluorozirconic acid-based surface pretreatments on steel for corrosion resistance, Preparation of titania photocatalyst synthesized from the ionic-liquid-like precursor, Synthesis of fluoride-releasing dental monomer, As a precursor to ZrO2 ceramic thin films.

Hexafluorozirconic acid is an inorganic compound aqueous solution used mainly in manufacturing optical glass, and fluozirconate is a corrosion inhibitor for surface pre-treatment in the metal industry. 

Hexafluorozirconic acid is most effective on aluminum but can also be used on other metals.

Hexafluorozirconic acid is a Common corrosion inhibitor on steel and other metal surfaces.

Hexafluorozirconic acid is the replacement of phosphates for the treatment of zinc-galvanized and cold–roll steel

Hexafluorozirconic acid is used for non-chromium surface passivation, an active component in thin-film coatings.

Application of Hexafluorozirconic acid as a corrosion inhibitor in the conversion baths:

For the corrosion protection of light metals or light metal alloys, conversion baths with the corrosion inhibitor hexafluorozirconic acid is used. 

The light metals are treated by immersing them in the hexafluorozirconic acid bath for a given time. 

A conversion layer forms at this moment, protecting the treated metal from corrosion.

Regulatory process names
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

EC Inventory
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

Pre-Registration process
Fluorozirconic acid

Zirconate(2-), hexafluoro-, dihydrogen, (OC-6-11)-

Zirconate(2-), hexafluoro-, hydrogen (1:2), (OC-6-11)-

CAS names
Zirconate(2-), hexafluoro-, hydrogen (1:2), (OC-6-11)-

IUPAC names
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)

dihydrogen hexafluorozirconiumdiuide


Hexafluorozirconic acid
Hydrogen zirconium fluoride
MFCD00082965 [MDL number]
Tetrafluorozirconium dihydro fluoride [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Tétrafluorozirconium, difluorhydrate [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Tetrafluorzirconiumdihydrofluorid [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate
Hexafluorozirconic acid

Hexafluorosilicic acid
Hexafluorotitanic acid

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