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PPS-OH is a Nickel plating Leveling Agent

PPS-OH is a Levelling Agent, which increases the ability of an electroplating solution to preferentially fill in defects and scratches on the surface.

PPS-OH assures shining materials that not only look good but are also extremely durable. 
Because nickel demonstrates a relatively high degree of hardness and wear resistance and offers protection against corrosion, it is robust when it comes to diluted acids and caustic solutions. 

These properties are optimally demonstrated in our bright nickel layers, which makes them ideally suited for mechanical and corrosion-stressed components, at the same time fulfilling the strictest decorative requirements. 

PPS-OH enables a perfect result without irregularities.

The levelling of the surface in the electrodeposition of metals occurs when less metal is deposited on the micropeaks than in the microvalleys. 

This can be effected by means of a special additive: PPS-OH Levelling Agent

PPS-OH suppresses electrodeposition on the peaks to a greater extent than in the valleys and which are incorporated in the cathodic deposit.

The modern nickel baths used for decorative-protective plating have leveling properties thanks to PPS-OH, which make possible the filling in, that is, the leveling of polishing scratches and microirregulatorities in the surface of the substrate, and thus reduce or eliminate expensive polishing and buffing operations to produce a lustrous surface.

PPS-OH is used in formulation of brightener systems for electroplating in bright Nickel bath. 

PPS-OH (Solid) Nickel Plating Chemical is a nickel plating additive that is a white to almost white powder with the chemical name of 1-(2-Hydroxy-3-sulfonatopropyl)pyridinium. 

PPS-OH is used as a tough leveling agent in nickel bath. 

PPS-OH (Solid) Nickel Plating Chemical has a molecular weight of 217.2 and a pH of 2.0 to 7.

PPS-OH is very powerful levelling & brightening additive which produces extremely brilliant coating.
PPS-OH is usually used in combination with Acetylenic compounds and wetting agents. 

The Nickel deposits produced in this manner are smooth, extra bright & ductile.


EC / List no.: 223-485-2

CAS no.: 3918-73-8

Mol. formula: C8H11NO4S

PPSOH is used to formulate brightener additives employed in the electroplating industry. 
PPSOH is used as a stronger leveling agent in nickel baths at a concentration of 50-500ml/L.

electroplating intermediate
1. Pyridyl hydroxy propane sulfonate (PPSOH) is an excellent nickel polishing agent intermediate, high leveling agent for nickel electroplating; It has the same leveling property as PPS and has good leveling performance in the middle and low regions.
2. PPSOH also has excellent low current density zone displacement capability and needs to be used with BEO, PME, PESS or MOSS, saccharin, and auxiliary brighteners.
3. The central control index is adopted to control the reaction degree, and the process of removing free pyridine and sulfurous acid is increased simultaneously so that the product contains very little free pyridine, SO32-and organic salt content, thus ensuring the purity and stability of the product. It prevents abnormal phenomena such as the blackening of plated parts, roughness in high areas, blackening in low places, and more pinholes.
4. In the high current density region, the leveling property is excellent, the decomposition products are few, and the coating can produce a mainly white bright effect.

use strong leveling agent for preparing electroplating brightener and nickel plating
The Watt brightener formula for bright nickel plating is an efficient, bright additive, making good coating symmetry. 
Usually, it is used with saccharin, acetylene compounds, and wetting agents. The nickel plating layer thus obtained is bright and flat with good ductility.


Pyridnium hydroxyl propyl
Pyridinium hydroxyl propyl sulfonate
Pyridinium hydroxysulfopropyl betaine
Pyridinium hydroxypropyl sulfobetaine
Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine
Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulphobetaine
Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine
1-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-pyridinium betane
2-Hydroxy-1-(1-pyridyl)-3-propanesulfonate pyridinium,1-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-,hydroxide,innersalt
Pyridinium hydroxyl propyl sulphobetaine

Regulatory process name: 1-(2-hydroxy-3-sulphonatopropyl)pyridinium

IUPAC names
1-(2-hydroxy-3- sulphonatopropyl)pyridinium

1-(2-Hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-pyridinium betane






Trade names
Solar PPS-OH 8000


Magnesium Neodecanoate
Naphthenic Acid
Neodymium Versatate
Sodium Hypophosphite
Methane Disulfonic Acid - Potassium Salt
Hexafluorozirconium Acid
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Silver Nitrate Solution 50%
Silver Nitrate
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Silicomolybdic Acid
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Methane Disulphonic Acid 50%
Methane Disulfonic Acid - Sodium Salt
Benzylidene Acetone BA 77
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Ni. Electroplating Intermediates:
(TCA) Chloral hydrate (CAS No.302-17-0)
(PME) Propynol ethoxylate (CAS No. 3973-18-0)
(BEO) Butynediol ethoxylate (CAS No. 1606-3985-5)
(BMP) Butynediol propoxylate (CAS No. 1606-79-7)
(PAP) Propargyl alcohol propoxylate (CAS No. 3973-17-9)
(ALS35%) Sodium allyl sulfonate (CAS No. 2495-39-8)
(ALS25%) Sodium allyl sulfonate (CAS No. 2495-39-8)
(SAS95%) Sodium allyl sulfonate solid (CAS No. 2495-39-8)
(PPS-OH45%) Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine (CAS No. 3918-73-8)
(PPS-OH40%) Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine(CAS No. 3918-73-8)
(PS 25%) Propynesulfonic acid sodium salt (CAS No. 55947-46-1)
(PN) cformaldehyde sodium bisulftte addition compound (CAS No. 870-72-4)
(DEP) 1-Diethylamino-2-propyne (CAS No. 4079-68-9)
(POPDH) Propargyl-oxo-propane-2, 3-dihydroxy (CAS No. 13580-38-6)
(PPS) Pyridinium propyl sulphobetain (CAS No. 15471-17-7)
(PABS) Diethylaminopropyne formate (CAS No. 125678-52-6)
(BBI) Bis(benzene sulphonyl)-imide (CAS No. 2618-96-4)

Cu. Electroplating Intermediates:
DPS(N, N-dimethyl-dithiocarbamylpropyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt)(CAS.:18880-36-9)
EDTP(Q75)N, N, N'N'-tetra(2-hydropropyl)ethylene diamine(0-0-0)
H1 (2-mercapto thiazoline)(CAS.:96-53-7)
JPH (Aqueous cross-linking polyamide)(0-0-0)
IME (2-mercapto-benzimidazole)(CAS.:68794-57-9)
MPS (3-mercapto-1-propysulfonate, sodium salt)(CAS.:17636-10-1)
N (ethenethiourea)(CAS.:96-45-7)
SPS (Bis-(sodium sulfopropyl) disulfide)(CAS.:27206-35-5)
ZPS (3-S-isothiuronium propyl sulfonate)(CAS.:49625-94-7)
M (2-mercaptobenzimidazole)(CAS.:583-39-1)(CAS.:583-39-1)

Zn. Electroplating Intermediates:
(IME) Aqueous anodic polymer (CAS.:68794-57-9)
(BPE) Sodium of di(1-benzyl-3-carboxyl-1, 2-dihydro pyridyl-2)ether
(BCPC) 1-benzyl-3-carboxyl pyridinium chloride (CAS.:16214-95-5)
(MOME) Aqueous cationic polymer (CAS.:109882-76-0)
(BPC) 1-benzyl pyridinium 3-carboxylate (CAS.:15990-43-0)
(PEI-BZ) Benzylated

Zinc Plating Intermediate

Product         Chemical
Solar BA 77 3-Butene-2-one-4-phenyl, (Benzylidene Acetone)
Solar SCS 40 Sodium-4-(1-Methyl Ethyl) Benzene Sulphonate
Solar SES Sodium-2-Ethyl-Hexyl-sulphate
Solar BPC Benzyl-Pyridinium-3 Carboxylate
Solar TU 2-Thiouracil
Additive 4073 Polyalcohol Ether
Additive 8906 Formaldehyde Condensate Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid, Sodium Salt
Additive N 100 Niacin
Additive N 200 Anisaldehyde
Additive GA 78 Ortho Chloro Benzaldehyde Chloride
Solar SC 2812 Polymer
Solar IME Imidazole – Epichlorohydrin
Solar EHP Poly Ethylene imine modified
Solar DE Cationic Amine Polymer
Solar OP 10 Long-chain Phenol Ethoxylate
Solar OPES Phenol Ether Sulphate
Solar GES Ethoxylated Glycerin
Solar SB Sodium Benzoate
Solar APE Anionic Phosphate Ester
Solar AEF Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohol
Solar FA Furfuraldelyde

Nickel Plating Intermediates

Product         Chemical
Solar SAS 144 Sodium Allyl Sulphonate 
Solar BEO 252 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol Ethoxylate 
Solar PS Sodium Propyne Sulphonate 
Solar BBIS Bis-Benzene Sulphonylimide 
Solar BMP 176 2-Butyne-1, 4-Diol Propoxylate 

Solar PPS -OH 8000 1-(2 Hydroxy-3- Sulphopropyl Pyridinium Hydroxide, Inner Salt

Solar DEP 151 N, N-Diethyl -2-Propyne-1-Amine 
Solar DEP 50 N, N’-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Sulphate 
Solar FE DEP N, N’-Diethyl-2-Propyne-Ammonium Formate 
Solar DMP 1-Dimethylamino-2-Propyne 
Solar PME 900 Propargyl Alcohol Ethoxylate 
Solar TM Thiomalic Acid 
Solar ATPN Carboxyethyl Isothiuronium Betaine
Solar BoZ 1, 4, Butyne – Diol
Solar FBS Formaldehyde reaction product
Solar STPS Para toluene Sulphinate Acid, Sodium Salt
Solar Ni 1010 Sodium Benzene Sulphinate

product name chemical nature cas
RALU  PLATE DPS 3-(N,N-Dimethylthiocarbamoyl)-thiopropanesulfonsäure, Natrium Salz 18880-36-9
RALU  PLATE MPS 3-Mercaptopropanesulfonsäure, Natrium Salz 17636-10-1
RALU PLATE OPX (O-Ethyldithiocarbonato)-S-(3-sulfopropyl)-ester, Kaliumsalz 93841-14-6
RALU PLATE SPS Bis-(3-sulfopropyl)-disulfid, dinatrium salz 27206-35-5
RALU  PLATE UPS 3-[(Amino-iminomethyl)thio]-1-propanesulfonsäure 21668-81-5
RALU  PLATE ZPS 3-(2-Benzthiazolylthio)-1-propanesulfonsäure, Natriumsalz 49625-94-7
RALUFON   NO 14 Alkoxyliertes beta naphthol 63950-87-8
RALU  PLATE 2887 Vernetztes Polyamid mit Aminfunktionen
RALU  PLATE CL 1000 Amines Polymer
RALU  PLATE SPV 1-(3-Sulfopropyl)-2-vinylpyridinium betaine 6613-64-5
RALU  PLATE POPS liquid Propargyl (3-sulfopropyl) ether, Natrium Salz 30290-53-0
RALU  PLATE HBOPS-Na 2-Butyne-1,4-diol-(3-sulfopropyl)ether, sodium salt 90268-78-3
RALU  PLATE PPSOH 1-(2-Hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-pyridinium betain 3918-73-8
RALU  PLATE PPS 1-(3-Sulfopropyl)-pyridinium Betain 15471-17-7
RALUFON   EA 15-90 Polyethyleneglycol octyl (3-sulfopropyl) diether, Kaliumsalz 154906-10-2
RALUFON   EN 16-80 Octaethyleneglycol octyl ether 26468-86-0
RALUFON   F 11-13 Polyethyleneglycol alkyl (3-sulfopropyl) diether, potassium salt 119481-71-9
RALUFON   NAPE 14-90 Polyethylen/propylenglycol (beta-naphthyl) (3-sulfopropyl) diether, Kaliumsalz 120478-49-1
RALU  PLATE Benzylidene Acetone 4-Phenyl-3-buten-2-on 1896-62-4
RALU  PLATE 135 Modifiziertes Polyamin in Wasser
RALU  PLATE IME Reaktionsprodukt aus Epichlorhydrin und Imidazol 68797-57-9
RALU  PLATE MOME Reaktions produkt von Imidazol, Morpholin und Epichlorohydrin 109882-76-0
RALU  PLATE ZLE Modifiziertes Polyamin in Wasser 68603-67-8
RALU  PLATE BN-Betaine 3-Carboxy-1-(phenylmethyl)pyridinium chlorid, natriumsalz 68133-60-8
RALU  MER 11 Kationisches Polymer mit Harnstoffgruppen 756424-87-0
1,3-Propanesultone 1,2-Oxathiolane-2,2-dioxide 1120-71-4
RALUFON   CAS-OH N,N-Dimethyl-N-(3-cocoamidopropyl)-N-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl) ammonium betain 68139-30-0
NIPLEX B Lösung von Ethylendiamin und T 107-15-3
GE 100 / Glycidyl ether 100 Glycerol glycidyl ether 25038-04-4
GE 500 / Glycidyl ether 500 Polyglycerol polyglycidyl ether 118549-88-5
PEG 400-DGE Polyethyleneglycol-400 diglycidyl ether 39443-66-8
AGE Allylglycidyl ether 106-92-3
IPGE Isopropylglycidyl ether 4016-14-2

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