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Sodium Allyl Sulfonate

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate = SAS = ALS = Allyl Sulfonate Sodium Salt

CAS no.: 2495-39-8
EC / List no.: 219-676-5

2-propene-1-sulfonic acid sodium salt
2-Propene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt
Sodium Allylsulfonate
sodium prop-2-ene-1-sulfonate
sodium prop-2-ene-1-sulfonic acid
Sodium prop-2-enesulphonate

Trade names
2-Propene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt 
Allylsulfonic acid, sodium salt
Sodium 1-propene-3-sulfonate
Sodium 2-propene-1-sulfonate
Sodium allylsulfonate

Synonym:als ; als1 ; ipoa ; sodium allylsulfonate ; homodimer ; als liquid ; sodiumallysulfonate ; allyl sodium sulfonate ; sas ; sod1, gst tagged human

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate 35% is used as a brightener for nickel electroplating, as a dyesite monomer in acrylic fiber, and as a performance monomer in synthetic polymer applications.

Sodium allyl sulfonate is used as a basic brightener in nickel electroplating baths. It is also used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate is a chemical which is used as NICKEL PLATING BATH ADDITIVE

Sodium Allyl Sulfonate is a Copolymerizable emulsifying agent and especially in copolymerization with larger proportions of acrylonitrile for the preparation of dyeable acrylic fibers.

Sodium allyl sulfonate is used as assistant brightener in nickel plating bath, improving uniformity and ductility of the plating. 

Sodium allyl sulfonate is also used in synthetic fibre such as acrylic third monomer to improve the dyeing ability of the fibre. 
In addition, Sodium allyl sulfonateis used as water quality stabilizer, water treatment additives, paint additives.
Sodium allyl sulfonate is also a pharmaceutical intermediate and used in biochemical research.

Sodium Allyl Sulphonate CasNo.: 2495-39-8 is a clear, near colourless liquid manufactured from Allyl Chloride and Sodium Sulphite. 
Sodium Allyl Sulphonate is available as a 35% solution. 
Sodium Allyl Sulphonate is an essential component in nickel electroplating formulations and in the manufacture of water treatment polymers.


Used as brightener for nickel electroplating bath to improve metal distribution and ductility.
Water treatment agent.
Oilfield drilling mud additives.
Cement water reducer and early strength agent for construction.
The third monomer of acrylic fibers can improve the dyeing performance of the fibers and make the dyeing firm.

Industrial Uses of Sodium Allyl Sulfonate: 

- Corrosion inhibitor and anti-scaling agent

- Plating agent and surface treating agent

- Solids separation agent

1.As the third monomer of acrylic fiber,Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can improve the dying properties,the heat resistance and flexibility of fibers,so they can absorb color fast and have strong fastness and bright color.

2.As a monomer of corrosion and scale inhibitors,Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can be used in water treatment chemicals. Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can polymerize with acrylic acid,acrylamide,maleic anhydride,sodium hypophosphite and has good scale inhibition effects for calcium phosphate,zinc salts,carbonate calcium and calcium sulfate.

3.Sodium Allyl Sulfonate is an assistant brightener in the nickel plating bath.

4.As an oil field chemical,Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can polymerize with acrylamide,acrylic acid,sodium humate,acrylamido propyl trimthyl ammonium chloride,acrylamido-ethyl-2-methyl ammonium chloride,diethyl diallyl ammonium chloride,allyl trimethyl ammonium chloride to be dispersants,fluid loss agent and have remarkable high temperatue and salt resistance.

5.Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can be used as a high-powered water reducer of poly carboxylic acid to low the water added of products and retard well.

6.As a paint additive,Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can be used to produce thermosetting acrylic resin and coating dispersant to increase the water-solubility.

7.As a monomer of flocculant,it can polymerize with acrylamide.

8.It can polymerize with methyl acrylic acid,it aconic acid to be a dispersant.              

9.It can be used to make CPPL and high water-absorbing resin in electronics and materials processing.

10.It can polymerize with sodium acrylate,styrene-acrylic emulsion,polyvinyl alcohl to improve fertilizer about red soil and strenghthen absorb ammonium ion,nitrate ion.

11.It could be used as one medical intermediate.

12. Used in the antistatic agent, Sodium Allyl Sulfonate can achieve the internal antistatic affect in two ways and make electric conduction passageway by which electric charge can get to the ground lead. It can also be used for lubricating and mold unloading.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number: Sodium prop-2-ene-1-sulfonate
Molar Mass: 144.12 g/mol
Molecular Formula: C3H5NaO3S
Synonyms: Sodium Allylsulfonate;2-Propene-1-sulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt;Allylsulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt;Sodium1-propene-3-sulfonate;Sodium 2-propene-1-sulfonate;Sodium Allyl Sulphonate;Sodium Allyl Sulfonate;ALS;SAS;ALS Sodium Allyl Sulfonate;ALS/SAS Sodium Allyl Sulfonate

Sodium allylsulfonate
sodium prop-2-ene-1-sulfonate
2-Propene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt
Sodium allyl sulfonate
Sodium allysulfonate
2-Propene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt (1:1)
Allylsulfonic acid, sodium salt
Sodium prop-2-enesulphonate
Allylsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
Allyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt
HSDB 5884
EINECS 219-676-5
NSC 150018
sodium allyl sulphonate
EC 219-676-5
Verbindung des Natrium-Salzes mit Natriumbromid

Sodium 2-propene-1-sulphonate
219-676-5 [EINECS]
2495-39-8 [RN]
2-Propène-1-sulfonate de sodium [French] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
2-Propene-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt (1:1) [ACD/Index Name]
MFCD00051416 [MDL number]
Natrium-2-propen-1-sulfonat [German] [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Sodium 2-propene-1-sulfonate [ACD/IUPAC Name]
Sodium Allylsulfonate
Sodium prop-2-ene-1-sulfonate
2-propene-1-sulfonic acid sodium salt
2-propene-1-sulphonic acid sodium salt
35% in water
96105-94-1 [RN]
Allyl sulfonic acid, sodium salt
Allylsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
Allylsulfonic acid, sodium salt
Allysulfonic acid sodium salt
prop-2-ene-1-sulfonic acid
sodium 1-propene-3-sulfonate
Sodium allyl sulfonate
sodium allyl sulphonate
sodium prop-2-enesulphonate

The aqueous solution of sodium allyl sulfonate is a clear liquid. 
Aqueous solutions of this chemical compound can be used as a factor to corrosion inhibitor of metals, or as a factor to polish the surface of metals in the plating process.

Sodium allyl sulfonate can also be used in the production process of metals produced by the casting method.

In some polymerization processes like the polymerization process of styrene production that led to the production of acrylic fibers, this organic salt acts as a chain transfer agent.

This polymerization process is specifically a co-monomer that is very effective in the transfer of polymer chains and causes the polymerization process to be performed at a controlled speed.

Specifically, compounds containing allyl (allyl is a suitable prefix for compounds with organic functional groups in their structure) are a type of hydrocarbon with a vinyl group attached to methylene in its structure.


Chemical name CAS NO Description
SMAS Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate 1561-92-8 Reactive co-monomer for acrylic fiber, reforming monomer for various polymers
SVS Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate (aqueous solution) 3039-83-6 25% aqueous solution
SAS Sodium Allyl Sulfonate 2495-39-8
ATBS Acrylamido Tertiary Butyl Sulfonic Acid (2-Acrylamido-2-Methyl Propane Sulfonic Acid) 15214-89-8
ATBS Sodium salt Sodium 2-acrylamide-2-methyl-1-propane sulfonate 5165-97-9 mixture with Water

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