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ISOTRIDECYL STEARATE is classified as : Skin conditioning

Applications of ISOTRIDECYL STEARATE : Raw material for spin finishes and oiling agent for textile, Rubber processing agent, Plastic lubricant, Paint & Ink additive.

CAS Number: 31565-37-4
EINECS/ELINCS No: 250-703-3

Chem/IUPAC Name: Stearic acid, isotridecyl ester
Molecular Formula: C31H62O2
Molecular Weight: 466.823

 11-methyldodecyl octadecanoate
 11-methyldodecyl stearate
 octadecanoic acid isotridecyl ester
 octadecanoic acid, 11-methyldodecyl ester
 octadecanoic acid, isotridecyl ester
 stearic acid isotridecyl ester
 stearic acid, isotridecyl ester

Conditioning Agents: Isotridecyl stearate is a cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning

ISOTRIDECYL STEARATE of ATAMAN KIMYA is an ester of isotridecyl alcohol and stearic acid which is used as Conditioning Agent in Cosmetic Products
Isotridecyl stearate can also be used as Internal/External Lubricant in PVC processing
Isotridecyl stearate is one of the Raw materials for spin finishes and oiling agent for textile, Rubber processing agent, Plastic lubricant, Paint & Ink additive.

Industry Uses: Finishing agents, Lubricants and lubricant additives
Consumer Uses: Lubricants and greases
Industry Processing Sectors: Fabricated metal product manufacturing, Textiles, apparel, and leather manufacturing
Isotridecyl stearate is a Lubricity additive which provides a substantially lubricious film
Isotridecyl stearate has good metal adhesion properties and good corrosion protection properties.It is easily emulsified in formulations

Isotridecyl stearate meets the most stringent requirements of the lubricants industry. 
Isotridecyl stearate is used as lubricity improver in applications like steel, copper and aluminum rolling. 
Furthermore isotridecyl stearate is used in neat oils and emulsions for cutting, grinding and drilling operations. 
Ester base stocks for industrial gear oils, meeting technical requirements of many standards and specifications. 
For greases isotridecyl stearate contributes improved cold flow properties, lower volatility, good thermal stability, low noise level, good air release and water separation. 
Isotridecyl stearates are used in a wide range of environmental lubricants. 

Isotridecyl stearate is hydrolytic and thermal stable saturated mono-ester with high flash point. Isotridecyl stearate provides good lubricity. 
It is readily emusifiable and it has Low volatility (Noack). Isotridecyl stearate is Biodegradable.
Vk40 of Isotridecyl stearate is 16 mm²/s.

Isotridecyl stearate is Synthetic Lubricant Base Stock (ISO VG 16)

11-methyldodecyl octadecanoate
11-Methyldodecyl stearate 
11-Methyldodecylstearat [German] 
250-703-3 [EINECS]
31565-37-4 [RN]
Isotridecyl stearate
Octadecanoic acid, 11-methyldodecyl ester 
Stéarate de 11-méthyldodécyle [French] 
Isotridecyl Stearate, veg. based
Octadecanoic acid, isotridecyl ester
Stearic acid, isotridecyl ester

Isotridecyl stearate
Octadecanoic acid, isotridecyl ester
11-methyldodecyl octadecanoate
Octadecanoic acid,isotridecyl ester
Stearic acid, isotridecyl ester
EINECS 250-703-3
Isotridecyl Stearate, veg. based
Stearic acid 11-methyldodecyl ester


Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP)
Emollient: Skin Cream, Lotion,
Good spreadibility, Non Sticky

Isopropyl Myristate (IPM)
Emollient: Skin Care
Quick penetration, good absorbency

Isopropyl 12 Hydroxy Stearate
Emollient: Skin Care
Wetting agent, Lubricant

Cetyl Palmitate
Emollient: Skin Care Products
Skin Conditioner, Thickening agent

Myristyl Myristate
Emollient: Skin & Hair Care products
Non greasy emollient

Octyl Hydroxy Stearate
Emollient : Sun Care Application & Color Cosmetics
Superior pigment wetting agent

Tridecyl Salicylate
Emollient: Skin & Hair Care products
Imparts Velvety feel, Substitute for silicon

Cetearyl Octanoate
Emollient: Skin & Hair Care Products
Nourishing agent

Butyl Oleate
Emollient: Skin Care, Textile industry, leather Industry
Solubilizer in creams & lotions, Plasticizer & wetting agent

Tridecyl Palmitate
Emollient/Skin Creams/ Textile
Skin Conditioner

Cetyl Acetate
Emollient Skin Care
Skin Replenishing agent

PEG di-stearate
Emollient, Viscosity Modifier
Cleansing Products

2-Ethyl Hexyl Palmitate
Emollient/ Skin Care
Wetting agents for powder in makeup formulation: Enhances Perfume retention

Mixture of Cetearyl Octanoate & 2 Ethyl Hexyl palmitate
Emollient for Skin & hair care
High Spread ability & Conditioning

Cetyl Octanoate
Emollient for Skin & Hair Care
Medium Spread ability & Thickening Agent

2 Ethyl Hexyl Palmitate-stearate
Emollient for Skin & Hair Care
Good Spread ability, Non Sticky Feel

Butyl Stearate
Emollient in Color Cosmetics & Rubber Industry
Decreases Thickness of Lipstick, imparts water repelling activity in Nail lacquers

Methyl Laurate
Spin Finishes & Oiling agents for Textiles

Di Octyl Maleate
Polymer Industry
Plasticizers in paints & Adhesives

Ethylhexyl palmitate (and) Iso propyl Myristate
Emollient in Skin care & Hair Care, Gives non oily skin feel, “ dry slip’ feel same as silicone
Good penetration, Ultra mild skin smoothening agent.

Isohydroxy Stearate (and) Iso propyl Myristate
Emollient, Mixture of esters of natural origin used in Skin & hair Care
Good emollient, Thickening agent in beauty products. easily absorbed by the skin. Quick penetration
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